10th Time’s a Charm

Daily life in the City of Light holds many challenges, but few are greater than finding the right baguette. When this year’s best baguette in Paris was recently chosen, crowds immediately flooded the winning address (Au Levain d’Antan, 6, rue des Abbesses). They went to check out the loaves of Pascal Barillon, who had entered the competition for 10 years in a row before winning.

What was their response? Just put it this way: everyone has an opinion. Some regulars now claim the prize ruined a perfect place, others find the “best baguette” anything but perfect. Add to that the complex matters of how the clientele is treated, how the place measures up to (lots of) nearby competition—and how Barillon’s leftovers taste the morning after with coffee.

The best baguette in Paris is always down to personal taste. I will never be swayed from my loyalty to Eric Kayser nor my belief (always supported in the press around the date of La Fête du Pain) that baguettes are great for the health, help one stay in shape and protect me from illness.


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  1. Comment by Diana | 08/01/11 at 1:26 pm

    The best baguettes in Paris! That sound delicious! Another incredible asset of French Culinary delicatessens!

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