14 Euros of Yum

The Tamarind Thai restaurant, in the Marais, is an exquisitely tactile place. The first thing you notice are the elegant rattan backed teak chairs and the large, impressive, bas-relief menu with imitation ivory elephants and (perhaps) the notorious Kratom tree, known for its mood enhancing leaves.

The 14-euro menu, appetizer and main dish is a real deal in Paris. I’d been thinking Thai soup all morning, the kind with coconut milk, so for a starter I ordered the soupe ravioli au poulet de façon tamarind. I know tamarind from Indian cooking so I should have guessed that the base was a clear, tart (yes, tamarind flavored) liquid. I didn’t. I was looking forward to coconut milk; alas, I was taken aback by misguided anticipation. Once I switched gears, voilà the soup was lovely (maybe a tad salty), with delicious, swollen, chicken ravioli dumplings and fat pieces of cooked celery floating about.

33, Rue François Miron, 75004


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