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The French Will Eat Anything

Smooth Awakening

As those who are reading this from Paris know, the last few weeks have consisted of some pretty serious gray weather. Even if the sun shows itself, it’s generally after 9am. In addition, our bedroom has very little natural light (tho in these weeks this doesn’t exist anyways), therefore, if you love to sleep, as […]

Free 2009 Calendar

Lalande Digital Art Press Paris is looking forward to another interesting year, and so we thought we’d offer you a digital gift : Impossible Possibilities, a free, downloadable A5-sized calendar you can print out at home – wherever that may be in the world. Simply download the file (it’s only 6 mb), print out on your […]

Breaking: French Efficiency

I’ve somehow never had to use the French word for efficient since living in Paris. But, yesterday I found myself searching through my pocket dictionary to figure out how to describe the unprecedented situation at, of all places, the préfecture. That’s right, folks! I wanted to describe my visit to the préfecture as efficace! Of […]

Le Reminet

As a student on a budget, I had forgotten that one of the best things about Paris is all of its fabulous restaurants with their charming interiors and delicious cuisine. But now that Grandma is in town, I am in no lack of great food. Tonight we headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Le […]

Lady on the Steps

It was another elegant night at the Opera Garnier—rich textures, swirling colors, and layered music transforming all the senses. And then, as we emerged for intermission and headed for the champagne bar and a prime place on the marbled balconies, we noticed a scarlet-clad woman draped on the stairs like a cloth dropped by the […]

How Many Parisians?

The news broke a couple of days ago, we finally know how many Parisians there are: precisely 2,201,000! The population is increasing, slightly but surely, (+ 77,000 more inhabitants now than in 1999, last time “they” counted). People in Paris also tend to be younger and younger (retirees prefer to leave Paris to go to […]

City of Light (Pollution)

Leave the city and wander out to the countryside and it’s another world and a different space. A series of maps has been produced by an organization known as Avex showing the major light pollution zones of Europe, but whilst Paris is a glowing hotspot, it remains true that much of France still offers us […]


I love this headline from my friend Janet Charlton’s gossip blog.

Mighty Maïté

I don’t know when it was that someone told me about Maïté. A sort of Julia Child of southwestern French cooking, for years Maïté had a TV show, “La Cuisine des Mousquetaires,” which spawned a long list of cookbooks, including the legendary La Cuisine de Maïté. But while Julia regaled us with her semi-aristocratic huffing and […]

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