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The Big Top and the Belle Epoque

Walking around Pigalle in the Parisian twilight I’m reminded of a quotation from Walt Whitman: “The past – the dark unfathomed retrospect! The past! The infinite greatness of the past!”.  The present here is a neon seediness, but the past, oh how glamourous we imagine it to have been! The image we retain, the colour, the sounds, […]

Beer O'Clock

A new cave a bieres opened in the neighborhood near the market street rue de Levis. It is a boutique beer cave filled with select brews from Belgium and Holland mostly, as well as a wall of English and international beers,including my favorite Mexican beer, Negro Modelo. I saw one guy buying Red Stripe, the […]

Confessions of a Lido Dancer

Aurore Tomé is a principal dancer for the world famous Lido nightclub. I thought getting the inside scoop on a real showgirl would be a fun and eye opening interview. We met at Le Dome cafe on rue St. Antoine for a hot chocolate, and Aurore’s warmth matches her striking beauty.  How did you get the […]

Gwyneth Paltrow's Paris

I find it fascinating that she’s basically hanging out in my school’s neighborhood. Not that I’m an adoring fan, but it’s pretty cool. While I know nothing about her, she and her mom are huge supporters of Planned Parenthood and that makes her a good person on one count.

French-inspired Wedding Invites

These gorgeous black and white wedding invitations by Sugalily caught my eye at the Designer Wedding Show in London last week. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a Moulin Rouge or Paris-themed wedding? Sugalily is an oh, so British luxury stationery company that specializes in vintage-inspired designs. All of their products feature a signature vintage embellishment, from funky flea-market buttons […]

Give "Bling" a Rest

When will the French stop using “bling-bling” in their everyday vocabulary? They think eet ees so cool! Bling-bling made it’s way into the language 18 months ago in reference to Daddy Sarkozy’s flashy lifestyle. Once I heard my mother-in-law use it (she’s 75) I almost choked on my croissant! It’s so 2004! >more

I Love a Man in Uniform

Look at these guys and their hats, which signify that they belong to the elite of the elite of militaries in France. I was so impressed that they wore them with such pride and dignity. And, I must admit, I do wonder if there is a place where I might be able to get my […]

Enter the Cupcake

They have arrived. The cupcake trend that blasted its way through major cities across the USA in recent years (thanks in part to “Sex and the City,” of course), has landed in Paris in the guise of Cupcakes & Co., a tiny, pink tinged storefront on a funky street in the 11th. The bakery is run […]

Wild Horse in the Streets

Several of you reported to me that a few days ago a loose horse crossed the streets of Paris. To be honest, I thought it was some sort of prank. Maybe a little incident with a horse that escaped his master for a few seconds and made it to the news worldwide! But I investigated […]

How to: Gratin Dauphinois

I married a French guy. He had a mother. She hated to cook. (I should have run away then.) I brought my love of cooking and 17 boxes of kitchen paraphernalia with me when I moved here. I had spent the prior year getting to know him… eating in restaurants, going to his friend’s homes […]

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