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Old to Some, Young to Others

Paris is young by European standards. Much of the city dates from the 19th century and there are large areas developed more recently than that. But Napoleon III’s plan for urban renewal left plenty standing for the 21st century history buff — the medieval Louvre, the 17th century Place des Vosges built by Henri IV, […]

Need Sun?

The inhabitants of the city try to find light and warmth where they can, and for a slice of both, I decide to push open the door of Le Soleil de Paris. I have often walked past this restaurant without feeling the need to enter, but this time the glow from the interior pulls me […]

YSL's Art Auction

Yves. St Laurent was the greatest designer that ever lived but he was also an avid, obsessive collector of art, objets, sculpture, and furniture. With partner Pierre Berge they amassed a huge, eclectic collection for over 40 years. Berge decided to emotionally and literally clean house by  putting it up for auction at Christie’s  because […]

Baby with Knife

We stopped by my favorite Parisian natural food store to see if I could find some flax seed oil. I have been looking for awhile now but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about when I asked. There, on her little table of natural makeup, I found what I suspectedmight be what I was looking for. […]

Hot for Picard (but not Jean-Luc)

I don’t have a huge freezer but what space there is, is stuffed with chopped onions, salmon steaks, oven fries, pizza, green beans, spinach, and ice cream — all from Picard. There are a few sour notes in their inventory (for example, stay away from the pretty but soggy hors d’oeuvres) but all in all, […]

Send Lucy to Paris: The Piggy Bank Fattens

The contributors to the Send Lucy to Paris Fund are getting creative. A fellow Francophile, Ginger (despite being Italian herself), sent Lucy a 10-euro note with a postcard of Paris written in French. We’ll see how well Lucy does with translation. A West Hollywood store called Veno Kado (it sells wine and gifts—get it?) mailed […]

French Boy

It has arrived. My dance pop music video homage to French boys…. In the middle of making my album, I got tired of producing sad songs so one night on a lark, I wrote a dance song as a joke called French Boy. An homage to my inner francophile. I played it for Jeff Byrd, my co-producer […]

An Arty Freak Show

  Renowned surrealist / photographer David LaChapelle is having his first ever retrospective in France at La Monnaie de Paris, showing more than 200 photos including his clichés of Hollywood’s glitz and glam, portraits of celebrities, and depictions of American culture. The exhibition is displayed by theme from “Deluge” to “After Pop” to his latest series entitled “Auguries […]

The Metro fire of 1903

It was Monday the 10th of August. Across the city in the working-class areas to the north, wooden Metro trains were thundering along a recently opened branch linking Barbès and Nation. The Metro system had only opened three years earlier, and this stretch of line had been freshly inaugerated at the beginning of the year. The initial curiosity […]

Citizens of the World

On view at the Fondation Cartier  is an exhibition titled “Terre Natale,” or Native Land, and features a collaboration of sorts between French photographer Depardon and French architectural theorist and sometimes architect Paul Virilio. The whole thing is very National Geographic and better suited for a Museum of Sciene or Man than a site of […]

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