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A Cut Above

There is a cute salon by my flat that I regularly pass on my way to the metro called Francois B on Rue des Acacias, and I thought it was a good sign that I usually liked the cuts I saw coming out of the salon. With a special price for those under 26 (only […]

School's (Almost) Out

The end of the French school year is fast approaching. The last official day of classes is Thursday, July 2. (Presumably, it’s Tuesday the 29th for the little ones who don’t go to school on Wednesday.) Thus time is running out to snap a few pics of French school children. For some reason, I had expected […]

The Colors of Pride

                    Yesterday was Gay Pride in Paris. Check out Emilie Johnson’s photographs here.

An Atypical Skyline

I helped a friend pack a few things before he moved. He lives by the Square des Epinettes, a public garden located in the 17th arrondissement. When I saw the view he can enjoy from his apartment (he lives on the last floor of a 7-story building) I grabbed my camera and shot! As you can […]

Too Sexy for Me

I went to the Galeries Lafayette looking for a new maillot de bain and wasn’t very motivated after spying this super-sized sexy Parisienne advertising her hard body, perky nénés, and teeny bikini. So I’ve decided to take my business elsewhere: to Le Bon Marché – where bathing suit advertising is discreet and doesn’t make La Mom feel like Le Pig!

Le Bourget: Time Travel

For professional reasons I found myself last week at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget in the northern suburbs of Paris, and although my brief was to concentrate on state of the art technology, I did manage to find some time to investigate the distinctive, historic architecture of the airport. It was my first […]

Soldes Start Today

Les Soldes can’t come soon enough for Parisian shoppers, who will be out in full force at dawn today to get the best deals at all of the fashionable (and mess fashionable) boutiques around town. If you’re smart, you’ll have tried everything on a few days beforehand so that you can just grab it and pay […]

Problematic Monoactivity

Reading an article recently, I was struck by a particular point. I may now have put down blood red roots into French soil, but I will always remain an immigrant. The whole topic of immigration is one that fascinates me, especially how it has shaped Paris throughout history, and forced the city to evolve and […]

A Lovable Cliche

  I hardly dare write about this place. Is it just a (very expensive and effective) tourist trap or is it still the real deal? Like all landmark cafés, its present day worth is hotly disputed. The famous literary hangout with trees on the roof is still a place of pilgrimage for tourists wanting to catch a whiff of […]

Playing Foot with Hands

  Doing a little Métro reading this morning (over someone else’s shoulder), I spied this headline: Sea, Foot and Sun: Miami est la paradise des footballeurs.  Now, I know the French love using, not only English words in all things hip, but also full-on English sentences.  The trouble I’m having, however, is this word “foot”. “Foot” […]

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