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The Lovely Seine

It never stops to amaze me how photographic rivers are. Even if they are dirty and brown, there is always something beautiful about the bridges and the banks that surround them.. La Seine is such a lovely spot for strolls in Paris. It is always pretty in the morning light, to sit by during the day for […]

The Art of Rain

Wednesday night while out shooting I got caught in a monster rain storm. When the rain started coming down in buckets I made a fast exit off the Pont des Arts to one of the dry passageways in the Louvre. The storm clouds, golden lighting and reflections made for an interesting photograph.

Paris Brutal-t-il?

Almost all architectural styles are visible in Paris, but I’ve long wondered if there are any authentic examples of the truly brutal. Coming from the United Kingdom I share my birthplace with a style of architecture that was harsh and cold, and which marked my upbringing. On Saturday afternoons we parked the family car in […]

Who is Annie Warhol?

  On a long purple prominent wall on the fourth floor of the Pompidou Centre is an amusing but pointed commentary about female artists in the male-dominated art world. It’s a sculpture by Agnes Thurnaeur of large colored buttons femalizing the names of important male artists with the exception of Louis Bourgeois instead of Louise […]

The Claritin Question

Back in 2000, when I first moved here, I had some sinus trouble and went to the pharmacy to buy some Claritin. Sure enough they had the same pill I knew from home, but the price was completely different. I don’t remember how much it was exactly, but I do recall that my jaw dropped […]

The Tour de France

You know it’s that time of year again when all you see on television is Lance Armstrong hanging out with one well-known actor or another. The famous 7-time winner is the darling and the adversary of the cycling world and clearly the showman of the sport. He is one among the nearly 200 riders invited […]

Velib: Guy Magnet?

Summertime in Paris is the perfect time use a Velib’ to get to your destination within the city because one can avoid the stinky, crowded and too hot metros. Summer weekends are perfect as well because the streets of Paris are even more tranquil than usual with so many jetting out of town for the […]

The Marble Marley

The Jardin des Tuileries offers many photographic opportunities. On the east end near the entrance off the Place de la Concorde sites one of the white marble Horses of Marley. In the back ground is the unmistakable Eiffel Tower.

Movie, Anyone?

For those of us movie-aholics or for anyone who simply has a hankering for some buttered popcorn and a chance to see Johnny Depp on the screen, don’t despair that you won’t be able to get your fix while in Paris. The French love, or should I emphasize–LOVE, movies. You will be hard-pressed to find […]

Smaller than Smart: Paris' Puny Cars

There are lots of other small cars roaming the streets of Paris. The latest is the Aixam which is even smaller than the Smart (and apparently it’s in the same class as scooters so you don’t even need a proper license to drive it). More importantly, there are not that many big cars. When you […]

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