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A Blogger's Advice on Getting Ink

Have you ever wondered why some restaurant openings are “events” while others are simply overlooked? The recent opening of Ze Kitchen Galerie Bis provides some clues about media coverage and what it takes to draw the hounds. #1: Give us a name we can play with. No, I don’t mean this restaurant’s full name, which is just a […]

Look Sharp in an Echarpe

Stylish, understated accessorizing—there are few things the French do better. Especially the men, and especially when it comes to their scarves. After a decade of careful observation I’m convinced that the entire French male population has been genetically perfected to give good scarf. Believe me, if I had a dollar for ever time a visiting American […]

To Drunk to Read

Prix de Flore-winning author Frédéric Beigbeder may have a second calling as a film comedian. I see him in a Judd Apatow boy-man type role, with a dose of French swagger. Last night was Paris’s first Literary Death Match, a throw-down organized by Opium magazine where authors read their work in competition before a live audience and jury. It started […]

The Queens of Provence

Once upon a time, when the country of France as we know it today did not yet exist, there lived four beautiful princesses in a magical kingdom known as Provence. Not one of them pricked her finger on a spindle, kissed a frog, or was locked up in a forgotten tower. Actually the true story […]

Eye Seine You

Walked past the most amazing pair of eyes today. They had been plastered onto the stone of the walls of the Seine, just next to my favorite tree. Plastered = using the same method as the dudes who put up advertisement posters in the metro – long-handled brushes and big buckets of water. The dudes doing […]

What Hawaii and France Have in Common

Hawaii and France are two places that are besieged by tourists, even in off season, and even during times of economic bust.  So far this year, the Hawaiian islands have received nearly four million vacationers — about four times their total population.  In France, the local-tourist ratio is even more pronounced. Paris alone has had 15.9 million […]

Ratatouille Rides

In Paris instead of seeing large rats hanging out down by the subway tracks I’m more likely to see little mice instead which are not nearly as ugly or threatening as their NYC counterparts. This morning however, everything changed and a barrier was crossed. As I sat enjoying my commute to work as best as […]

He Can't Hack It

This old statue in the Jardin des Tuileries can’t believe his eyes at the sight of the modernistc statue forms now on display.

Museum of Dermalogical Casts

The recent Journées du Patrimoine gave me the opportunity to visit a museum that had long been an unobtainable grail for me – the very private Musée des Moulages Dermatologiques (Museum of Dermatological Casts) within the walls of the Hôpital St Louis. An extraordinary experience, but certainly not one that I would recommend to everybody! The building […]

What I'm Demanding Backstage

I am playing a real concert here in Paris at La Maroquinerie on October 14th. By “real,” I mean a place where the sound system includes more than one crappy PA system, some broken amps and a bored dick for brains sound guy, holds more than four people comfortably, has an actual stage and most importantly, PAYS […]

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