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A Spring Rose for Foodies

Daniel Rose, the American chef who achieved international acclaim with his first-ever restaurant Spring, has had a terrible year. When I interviewed him last December (see article here), he was full of optimism about a new space near the Louvre: We’ll add a lunch service so that people can come more spontaneously. And we’ll add […]

That Autumn Chill

In Paris, it’s cold but too cold. In the morning when my alarm sounds I wake up to the sound of raindrops trickling down my window and all I want is to go back to sleep. More freezing rain, I think. Another day where I regret not wearing more layers, and then cursing myself in the […]

A Morbid Show by Artists Near Death

The new expo at Musée d’Art Moderne casts a morbid eye on art with “Deadline,” an exhibition examining the last years of productivity of a handful of contemporary artists who have died in the past twenty years. Part graveyard, part gallery: it’s a provocative concept. But it’s also one that can imbue works of art with unneeded — […]

'Flair Bartending' Championship

Remember Tom Cruise in Cocktail? This activity is known as “flair bartending,” and this Sunday evening you will be able to see the 20 of the best bartenders in competition to become the Champion of France on the stage of Le Reservoir. It should be quite spectacular, and the venue is a nice place to go at […]

Autumn Moments

It is like this all over Paris. Not exactly with stacks of wood and pumpkins, but with that soft fall light and people bundling up against the returning cold. I pour out of the metro and, since I am never too busy to look up, I soak in the sight of broken rays of sun […]

A British Fashion Find

All Saints, at 49 rue Marcel, has been around for a year, and talk is for a new store in the Marais soon. You enter into a huge, darkened space full of distressed metal and wood furnishings, everything in muted tones of beige, gray, black, navy and cream. The lighting is low, not clublike-low which […]

Fair-Trade Chocolates

Puerto Cacao is a fair-trade chocolate store and cafe in the 17th arrondissement, 53, rue de Tocqueville. Many chocolate stores in Paris feel like jewelry boutiques, pristine and full of glass vitrines and modern displays, with the chocolate costing almost as much. They are delightful to behold but Puerto Cacao feels more grounded, particularly with their […]

Nepotism: The iPhone App

Following Sarkozy’s horribly embarrassing nepotistic naming of his 23 year-old son to the powerful political post inside EPAD, the reactions are numerous. Many college students are requesting to be adopted by Nicolas Sarkozy so they’ll have a better chance at “finding” a good job; people are outraged, defenders are insisting little Sarkozy got elected! Whatever. […]

The Ex-Prez's Thing for Lady Di

Kiss and tell is bad enough, but dreaming of kissing, then telling, well that’s just—weird. As if Princess Diana hadn’t suffered enough in life, former president and well known ladies man Valéry Giscard d’Estaing has written a book called The President and the Princess, in which a French president who eerily resembles himself meets a British princess, who is […]

Into the Wild

In Paris it often seems as if every part of the city serves a purpose. Each square inch has been measured, divided up and is owned by somebody or some entity. A walk through the city takes you across the face of the mapped, but is it still possible to become an explorer and discover […]

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