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Einstein in Paris

Just next to Madonna in Paris is this adorable rendition of Einstein, carrying a sign, “Love is the answer.”

Dagnino Wins Photo Prize

The Louis Hachette Prize 2009 was awarded last week to the journalist François de Labarre and the photographer Enrico Dagnino for the reporting distributed by Paris Match, “Immigrants: rêve brisé,” (“Immigrants: Broken Dreams”) taken on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa in Italy. This investigation, a unique proof of the Human Rights violation by the Italian […]

French Cuisine: Stuck in the Past?

As an American living in Paris one question I seem to be asked relatively often, by French and non-French alike, is “oh, France, don’t you love the food?” or “Isn’t the food amazing?” To which, perhaps being a bit of a rebel inside but also not able to be dismissive and flattering, reply something like, […]

Flights Delayed

A strike by air traffic controllers is expected to last until the end of this week. But it is only affecting flights from France to other European countries. If you are scheduled to fly to or from France and the U.S. or other non-European countries, you should be OK.

Move Over Velib: This Bike’s Juiced

Velib bikes are fine and all but ever since trying out a bunch of different kinds of vélo électrique (electric bikes) at an expo a couple of years ago, I can’t go back to regular bikes. It’s not that I’m lazy (ok, maybe I’m lazy at times), it just seems like an obvious choice to have […]

An Architectural Gem

I have strong opinions about many things but when it comes to exploring Paris and its environs, I have no standards at all. Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, I’m pretty much game. So when I had the opportunity to visit a private home designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in Bazoches-sur-Guyonnes, about 40 kilometers […]

Is French Tuition Too Cheap?

Attention bargain shoppers! The average university student costs French taxpayers 9,132 euros per year, but tuition averages only 175 euros for a bachelors and 235 euros for a masters. As a result, the number of foreign students–in particular from China–has been rising. In 1999, 2,000 Chinese students enrolled in French universities; this year it’s 22,000! Jean-Pascal […]

What a Beauty (Line)

The small natural beauty boutique Patyka on rue Rambuteau, 3rd arrondisement closed its doors recently, but Patyka products are still available in selected stores around Paris. Their products are impeccably produced in an old fashioned way with the very best ingredients.  You might think French women are still for slathering on the latest Dior or big […]

8 Cult Shops

A shopping trip to Paris—where to begin? For even the most ardent shopaholic, tackling the epicenter of la mode can evoke panic (where to begin!), panic (but I can’t afford Chanel!) and more panic (my, those saleswomen are chic). But, hey, don’t panic. Here are eight all-about-Paris stores that range from fun to fancy for […]

A Left Bank Classic

Not just a hotel dining room, the Brasserie of the Hotel Lutetia is one of the hot spots of the Left Bank. On any given night you might see writers, movie stars and politicians. Even model first lady Carla Sarkozy has visited. Decorated by the Left Bank’s most ubiquitous designer, Sonia Rykiel, with full respect for […]

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