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The Greening of the Champs Elysees

I know you think this is a Photoshop edit, but it’s not! During the night of Saturday to Sunday, hundreds of French farmers brought dirt, plants and a few farm animals to Les Champs Elysées to turn them into a giant field. It’s not a demonstration, but a PR event called Nature Capitale to remind the Parisians […]

What Happened?

Let me start by saying that I didn’t stage this photo. I was walking by, saw the empty shoes and socks under the mailbox and had to take a picture. There weren’t any barefoot people around so I have no idea what happened to the owner/wearer of the shoes. Any guesses?

A Rarely Heard ‘Bong’

While the Revolutionaries of 1791 smashed and melted down Marie, the great church bell of Notre Dame’s north tower, the other bell in the south tower, Emmanuel, was spared, making it one of the largest and oldest bells of Europe. Forged in 1685, it weighs 13 tons (the ringer alone weighs 500 kilos). Normally you […]

Sponsored Post: Nudism in Paris

Now that the weather is warming up, people in Paris are shedding their layers of clothing. Some people prefer to shed every layer. They are called nudists, or naturistes. The website

Blog-ebrity David Lebovitz

On a hot and humid night in July 2007, I made my first visit to Hidden Kitchen. The “underground supper club” was brand new and still buzzing from a write-up that had appeared on Chocolate & Zucchini. I had brought a new boyfriend and was trying to convince him that I was cool and cosmopolitan. […]

Too Many Pigeons

This three sided sign about the pigeons of Paris appeared somewhat inexplicably on the side of a busy Paris street recently, an area that doesn’t appear to be particularly troubled by or lacking in pigeons. When I went hunting on-ine to find out what the city of Paris might be up to, I did learn […]

Reading “Lunch in Paris”

A few months ago all I was hearing was Lunch in Paris, Lunch in Paris—it seemed everyone who was anyone was reading Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes, by Elizabeth Bard. As usual I was a bit behind on my reading, but I launched into it finally (and appropriately) on my most recent […]

Street Golf Hits the Champs Elysees

Golf in France is generally a sport for the elite, but an organisation known as Le 19ème Trou (the 19th Hole) aims to change this conception. This group of young sports fans have invented a concept known as Street Golf, and organise events and tournaments, including this Saturday the Paris Pro Tour Master Classic ’10. […]

Getting into the French Open

The French Open tennis tournament is upon us. “The French,” held from May 23 to June 6, joins the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open as one of the four most prestigious annual tennis events, called grand slams. Roland Garros, as it’s officially known, is the prettiest (Paris!) and most intimate of the four. […]

The Problem with Paris Supermarkets

A couple of weeks ago, as I stepped into the Monoprix supermarket on Rue de Rennes, I overheard an American tourist exclaim to her friend, “Ooh, I love Monoprix!” Her declaration made me yearn for the days when I was a tourist in Paris, when shopping at Monoprix or Franprix or Casino was a thrill […]

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