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Aux Lyonnais: Gorgeous but Disappointing

Last week, I found myself at a place that people don’t much talk about anymore – Aux Lyonnais. This is Alain Ducasse’s take on the bouchon – a style of restaurant from Lyon specializing in that region’s traditional and very meaty fare. I brought my boyfriend, a real Lyonnais, for dinner last week. We started with an […]

The Crowd is the Show

A woman spritzed a cool mist of water over crowds waiting for the Tour de France to pass through Paris last weekend. Check out the terrific photos by David Holmes at Paris Parfait.

They’re Here

Tourists are back in Paris – and in France in general. We’ll know for sure at the end of the year of course, but it is said that due to the slight drop of the Euro, people from outside Euroland are more likely to come back. In 2009 “only” 74 million visitors had crossed our […]

The Apollinaire Sculpture That Never Was

A Paris Blog reader named Charles has sent in this strange tale of a Picasso sculpture that was supposed to depict someone else… After World War II, the Paris municipal council wanted to put up a monument to Guillaume Apollinaire, the French poet who was also Picasso’s friend. Picasso was insistent that he create the […]

Dog + Baby = Dabie

They’re everywhere. I’m not sure, but I think they may even be more numerous than people. That’s right. Dabie to people ratio in my estimation = 3:1. I feel like they may take over the town at any moment and start making me eat Eukanuba with luke-warm water poured on it while I watch them […]

Carnival in the Tuileries

When I was a wee tot, I spent my summers on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey where my parents ran a souvenir shop. When I passed the carnival in the Tuileries last week, it brought back happy memories of laughing hysterically from the rides till my tummy hurt, my chin all sticky from the […]

Polluted Paris

While the levels of air pollution in Paris may not rival those of Mexico City, the air quality in Paris n’est pas bon. When I first moved to the city, I tried jogging outdoors at sunset and quickly realized that, unless I wanted sore lungs and a face powdered by diesel, I would be better […]

Roll on Up

I found these big plastic balls in front of the Hotel de Ville (town hall). They are actually targeted at kids who take great pleasure in moving them from the inside. I must say I was tempted too – but I’m way beyond the age limit! They are probably part of the Paris Plage program […]

Free Movie Screenings

The perennially popular Cinema En Plein Air has returned to the Parc de la Villette, films will be projected onto a gigantic inflatable screen every night until the 22nd of August. The films are shown in their original language, with French subtitles, and start when the sun goes down. It’s advisable to pack a picnic and […]

Apaches in Paris

On the Rue du Faubourg du Temple, an original shop sign stands witness to a period when men literally killed for a pair of shoes. These men were known as the Apaches, and they took their clothing very seriously! From Pierre Drachline & Claude Petit-Castelli, ‘Casque d’or et les apaches’: An Apache could steal, cheat, […]

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