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My Own Nuit Blanche

This year the official action takes place around three hubs in Ile Saint Louis in the centre, Trocadero in the West, and Belleville in the North of Paris. In the Centre I’ll be walking under Erik Samakh’s magical cloud of ‘fireflies’ lighting up the night at the Hotel Dieu. In the West I’ll be queuing […]

Paris’s “Heavy Energy”

“Heavy energy,” is how my friend E referred to the creative atmosphere in Paris. She said this as we hoovered bowls of Vietnamese noodles in Belleville with a fast concentration that was anything but heavy. Hearing her say it felt good. Heavy energy made sense. Or maybe it was “dark energy.” I forget now. But […]

More Franglais

Seen on the TGV. Why not J’♥ Frites? Because English is so much cooler in France. Soon, we’ll all be speaking English here. No need to learn French!

Prepping for Saturday’s Nuit Blanche

The Nuit Blanche, the annual all-night artistic happening in Paris, is back upon us this Saturday. If you want to get the best from the event, or if you want to get involved in some small way, here are a few before-the=event suggestions: Download the iPhone application The city of Paris has prepared a free application […]

Paris in Time-Lapse

Paris Vol. 5 from The Seventh Movement on Vimeo. If you can bear with the slow opening and the kill-me-now music, this is a some very cool time-lapse footage of Paris.

American-Style Bagel Fix!

Historically, bagels originate from Poland in the 17th century when Jewish families would bake them to conclude the sabbath since they cooked very quickly unlike other types of bread. In Paris, the traditional Jewish bagels are slightly knotted and a bit larger than the bagels you’re likely to find in shops and supermarkets, but you’re limited […]

Fractured Franglais

Forgive the quality of the above image but I tore this ad out of Direct Matin in the morning, folded it up, and didn’t retrieve it until hours later. I don’t know what is more comical: the use of English or the very idea of cheesy creamy beef brochettes. I went to the advertised Web […]

Reflexology and More–for Cheap!

When I’m not giving walking tours, I’m walking around the city researching for them, or checking up on places for the guidebooks I write. And I walk my dogs at least three times a day. I wear out shoes in no time, and eventually the feet get worn out, too (even when I try to […]

Arman at the Pompidou

Never one to fear extravagance, Arman lived his life like he made his art: with excess. This month the Pompidou presents nearly 120 of the artist’s works, in the first major retrospective since his death. A founding member of the post-war Nouveau Réaliste movement, Arman along with artist Yves Klein and theorist Pierre Restany, among others, endeavored […]

Art To Go (Free!)

Street art comes in many shapes and forms, but few are as simple as the creations of an artist known as Liox. Operating at night, Liox wanders the streets, creating trails of sketches that stretch through the east of Paris. “Mon nom d’artiste est LIOX, je suis peintre et graphiste,” he says as way of introduction […]

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