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Halloween in the 16th

You know you’re celebrating Halloween in Paris when: – Kids use Chloé shopping bags as trick-or-treat sacks – Moms give out individually wrapped Hédiard chocolate squares because “that’s all I had in the house!” – An army of nannies/au pairs dole out the candy when the children come knocking – Mommy’s “treat” while the kids […]

Making Peace with Paris

How did three months turn into three years? Have I really been in Paris for that long? It’s funny how what started as a three-month visit just kind of quickly became living here indefinitely. And, man, is it amazing how much has happened in three years! I’ve gotten married, landed a good job, learned French, […]

Sacred Pause

Here is what you can see if you walk down the street from metro station Richelieu Drouot to the Galeries Lafayette or Printemps department stores – Precisely at rue Laffitte, a little narrow street in the 9th arrondisemment. You will have recognized the Sacre Coeur of course, in the background, but that is not the only church in […]

Being Presentable

If I were still in New York, I would *totally* just run down a couple flights of stairs in the bathrobe. Not that I should romanticize slovenly habits, but hey, I miss feeling like I can do anything I want sometimes. I clearly remember days when I’d roll out of bed, throw a coat over […]

What’s to Love–and Loathe–about the Andre Kertesz Show

Andre Kertesz, the Hungarian-French-American photographer who died 15 years ago has had many shows including ones I’ve seen at the MoMA, ICP, Met and National Gallery and I’ve always loved his photos. But a lot of them at this show are thumbnail-sized and frustrating to view even with magnifying sheets. In fact, if you want […]

Warm Enough to Party Outdoors

After two weeks of premature winter weather, the temperatures in Paris have returned to a seasonal norm. For the first time this year, it’s about as warm here as it is in New York (not that I’m comparing or obsessing… except I am). Which means the cafe terraces are jam-packed and everyone would rather be […]

Chocolate Heaven

I’m not actually très chocolat, myself, but yesterday was the first day of the Salon du Chocolat. My visitors from the States went, and came home piled high with bags of chocolate in all forms, and so enthusiastic that they are going back this weekend. Don’t bother to go to the Salon du Chocolat’s website. It […]

How to Halloween in Paris

The French are still not sure about the whole Halloween thing. Sure, it seems like a good way to sell some stuff, and who doesn’t like candy? But their suspicions that it’s yet another American commercial scam (or something that only little kids should care about) means that you’ll have to make a real effort […]


Ici, c’est comme ça! (This is what we do here!) Maybe I’ve been in France too long, but am I wrong to think this is funny and even cute?

The Good Fire

No this is not a fire set by demonstrators, but flames coming out of a “tool” (I don’t know what it’s called) that workers use to stick horizontal street signs to the pavement. The Paris street signs are fully monitored through a very sophisticated computerized system so that they are well maintained.

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