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Candy Cortege

On a gray and foggy Parisian day, these brightly colored Minis promoting Haribo’s Tagada candies definitely stand out. But where’s the schwag? I tapped on the windows, but alas, they were not handing out candy, just trying to drive those with a sweet tooth into the nearest store for a shot of sugar.

PenTales Paris

Recently in a cafe near Père Lachaise, I wandered into the midst of one of Paris’ insular little expat communities. It resembled closely the one I knew well when I lived in the city – a balance of English and Americans which favoured the former, a bourgeois background common to all, and members who more […]

An Acquired Taste

C went to our new dentist the other day, and she suggested that he pick up a special toothpaste from the pharmacy. It has sort of a funny smell, and I had to laugh when I saw the back of the tube. Apparently the taste must not be so great either if you need 15+ […]

Aussies v. Frenchmen

Being freshly back amongst les francais after some delightful ‘Aussie Man’ time at home, i thought i’d take a minute to reflect on some obvious differences between French men and Australian men… An Aussie man will pay for a woman on a first date, to try to impress them. A Frenchman will only pay for a […]

Royally Shod

How do you know when your playdate is starting to get royally stupid? When les moms start comparing royal warrants. La Mom had Paris Mom over for tea while the French Fries and the Paris kids played like nice little French children do: quietly.  In the dining room, things were becoming competitive. Paris Mom: Sophie-Marie only wears shoes from […]

Lovers’ Tradition, City’s Irritation

The Pont des Arts, a foot bridge that crosses the Seine between the Quai de Conti on the Left Bank and the Quai de Mitterand on the Right, is unquestionably romantic. But when did the tradition start of couples placing a lock on the railing and then throwing the key into the river?  All I can say […]

The Shock of the Photos

“Paris est un champ de bataille. Nous l’avions oublié” (Paris is a battlefield. We have forgotten that) notes writer and historian Max Gallo in his introduction to the Peurs sur la ville exhibition which launches tomorrow (January 20th) at the Monnaie de Paris. Throughout its history, he points out, the city has been the scene of bloody battles, invasions, uprisings and […]

A Comestible Pitstop in the 18th

One of the latest editions to the 18th arrondissement’s fine selection of neighbourhood eateries is Hope Cafe – an organic grocery-cafe hybrid in the residential area of Lamarck. Much in the same vein as Rose Bakery or Jeanne A, you can pop into Hope Cafe to for a bite to eat and pick up some seasonal […]

Gourmet Lunch Under €20

I was experiencing a bit of restaurant fatigue last week after one dinner that left my belly bellicose (and bank account bruised) and another that took pizza to new lows. These meals, plus a lingering holiday heaviness, gave me a strong desire to withdraw to the security of my own kitchen, where I know I […]

3 AM Waterlilies, Anyone?

Attention jet-laggers! If you happen to be in Paris this weekend and suffering, as I am, from le décalage horaire, here is the event for you: Claude Monet 1840-1926, the largest collective exhibition ever of the great painter’s works, is open to the public all weekend, around the clock, until the show closes for good on Monday […]

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