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Fire Show – FREE!

This Saturday, there is an open invite to a night of fire breathing at the basin of Le Palais de Tokyo. It’s the 7th anniversary of the first Saturday gathering organised by the Burn Crew Concept, back in 2004. Performers will ribbon dance, juggle flames and create fireworks amongst other pyrotechnic hijinks from 21h. Magical? You […]

Winter Light

In winter (and not only in winter!) the sky is often grey in Paris. It does not necessarily rain, but it’s often covered. And then, one day, out of nowhere, you wake up to a blue sunny day. I recently took this photo near Bercy in the 12th arrondissement. The bridge in the background is […]

Sponsored Post: Launches Paris Section

Remember when George Bush père got into all kinds of hot water because he didn’t know the price of milk? That couldn’t happen to Obama; he could simply look it up on Pricewiki. When people ask me what the cost of items are in Paris, I often say, “About double what they are in the […]

Concrete as Craft

A small workshop in the 11th arrondissement proudly displays the trade of the craftsmen originally based here. Through an elegant, swirling font and a carved mural above the entrance, these masons of reinforced concrete (béton armé) showed that they were a new breed of worker whose skills were comparable to the best carpenters or stone […]

Paris’s Toll on an Expat Couple

We were told by a friend before we moved to Paris, a friend who lived abroad for two years with his family, that an international move can beat the crap out of a relationship. He said ominous things like, “If you have any small cracks in your marriage, they will become crevasses.” We thought he […]

Cocktail Kings Roll out Another

I hold more stock in being right than being first. Even so, I was (unintentionally) the very first costumer to hit Minibar, the newly opened venture from Bakhtiar/España duo who both already have several well-known night spots under their belts. The (as of yet?) unmarked entrance was easy to miss and the smell of fresh […]

An Anglophone Bookshop in Peril

An email has just gone round a French academic listserv I subscribe to letting us know that the Village Voice Bookshop is in serious financial trouble, and very close to bankruptcy.  This is according to the writer Hazel Rowley, who is a good friend of Odile Hellier, the owner of the Village Voice. The tone of […]

Hello, Old Friend

This weekend I went to buy sport shoes at Decathlon, near La Madeleine church and when I came out of the store, there it was, all golden because of a ray of sun. It took 85 years to build this church (it was completed in 1845) and that it was almost turned into a railway station […]

My Paris

My Paris. It doesn’t even feel strange to use the possessive when referring to the city. Ironic though it is that I say this right as I am preparing to leave, I am not leaving with a neatly packed, cohesive New York Times article “ 36 Hours in Paris.” Indeed, my list of favorites may […]

La Belle Neige

Check out the beautiful snow-covered city images at Eye Prefer Paris.

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