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Bow Tie Ennui

Just brilliant! Check out this short film inspired French new wave cinema. What a clever promotion for Launderette, a Los Angeles-based company for bow ties and clothing.

The Big Picture

I always wonder how these painters manage to get the big picture with the right proportions while working so close to their subject. Then I think of Michelangelo and the ceiling of the Sistine chapel andl I realize it was pretty much the same, only the other way around. Anyway I love this photo (and […]

Free and Clean

Those of you who were in Paris in the 80’s (and even later) probably remember a mythical dance club called Les Bains Douches (public baths) named so because it was located in a former public bath house. What is less known is that there are still public baths in Paris (18, if I counted correctly) and […]

Rose Blooms

Paris-based American artist [and contributor to The Paris Blog] Matthew Rose presents a new series of major works on paper at STORIE in the Montparnasse quartier of Paris, opening this Thursday, September 1. The new works target and recast religious icons, patriotism, gods and nature in a medium that the artist is well known for in […]

A Bridge for Sighs

Although I am a historian of technology, my favorite bridge in Paris is modern, very modern: la passerelle de Solférino (the Solférino pedestrian bridge, recently renamed the Léopold Sédar Senghor bridge), which opened in 1999. This superb design by engineer-architect Marc Mimram (born in Paris in 1955) links the Jardin des Tuileries to the Musée […]

Summer’s Last Big Rock Fest

This weekend, the crowds should reach over 20,000 with many people camping out for all 3 day of Rock en Seine. Other activities available, if you need a break from the concerts, include an area for kids.  This year the event features Jamaica, Cage the Elephant, and Hushpuppies; established names like Keren Ann, Arctic Monkeys, […]

City Hall as Volleyball Court

The plaza in from of the Hotel de Ville always has the most eclectic activities for the public to take advantage of. From the ice-skating rink at Christmas time to the ecological garden fair in summer, there is an unexpected and fun surprise waiting for you all year round. Last week the plaza looked more […]

Where to Donate Used Clothing

We live in a time when consumption is king when it comes to economic models. Sometimes this leads to overstuffed closets and unecessary collecting of clothes. So when you are doing your  belated Spring cleaning, or are finishing a semester abroad and have a few bags of unwanted or unpackable, too-small, or no longer wanted […]

Peas and Bacon Candy?

Petits pois au lard sounds a bit disgusting, but it’s just French for “peas and bacon.” Of course, if you see these in a candy store, they’re not actually peas and bacon, but old fashioned French candies with a slightly aniseed flavor. I was told these cute little candies were popular back in the early […]

A New Creperie in the 6th

There’s been a spate of summer Paris restaurant openings this year, including La Compagnie de Bretagne, a swanky new crêperie, featuring pedigreed organic products from Brittany,  the signature of Olivier Roellinger as kitchen consultant and a design by Pierre-Yves Rochon. Tucked between Odéon and the boulevard St.-Michel, La Compagnie is large by Paris crêperie standards, with an eat-in […]

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