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Garden of the Murdered Actress

There are three things that surprise at the Square Marie Trintignant; it is open 24 hours a day, there are more things you can’t do than you can do, and it is (almost) an entirely natural environment. It is of course its uncultivated aspect that is its key attraction today. As a square it is […]

A Japanese Twist on Pastries

Tokyo-born patisserie maestro Sadaharu Aoki combines traditional French technical savoir-faire with  Japanese ingredients in his four Parisian boutiques for an innovative twist on classic gallic cakes. Perfectly executed eclairs are laced with black sesame or green tea, and eastern flavours such adzuki beans and yuzu feature alongside French staples such as creme patissière and puff pastry […]

See the Light

I have always been a big fan of Dan Flavin’s fluorescent light sculptures. Deceptively simple upon first looking at them, there is a mood altering and seductive effect they give off, making them much more complex than what the eye first sees. I recently saw “An Installation” at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, a series of eight […]

Old Les Halles, by Doisneau

Photos showing life in the “belly of Paris” (le ventre de Paris) by Robert Doisneau are on display at Hôtel de Ville. The exhibit is free, and the photos of Les Halles are mostly black and white in simple black frames. Some from the 1960s, in color. No fancy matboards. No matboards at all. Les […]

Wish You Were(n’t) Here

These postcard images are from one of the great natural catastrophes in French history: the Great Flood of January 1910, the likes of which Paris had not seen since 1658. Snow-covered umbrellas dominate the foreground in the above picture. No single event triggered the flood. A series of unusual weather patterns accumulated and built on […]

Dating and Desserts

Besides being an advertising copywriter, popular blogger, and oft-published journalist with articles in The New York Times and National Geographic Traveler, Amy Tomas is also a self-described Sweet Freak. Her new book, Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate), winds its way through the City of Light in search of perfect pastries and […]

French Photog Sends Up Wedding Portraiture

Inspired by the current trends in wedding photography, French photographer Beatrice de Guigne put together a photo shoot for Barbie, Ken and their closest friends. This shoot cracks me up; all of the wedding-inspiration blog elements are there: the shoe shot, girlfriends-getting-ready shot, the vintage soft-focus hand-holding shot. Oh, and the ubiquitous vintage props (Stack of books and […]

A Monthly Beauty Surprise

A concept called Birchbox, started in the US by two Harvard students, has now been adopted by a French company under the name of Joliebox. Le principe est simple : each month, they send you a cute little box containing 5-6 beauty products. Sometimes they’re new products that have just been released and other times […]

A Spiffed Up Orsay Museum

In November the renovations of the Musée d’Orsay, known as the “Nouvel Orsay,” were finished. After two years of being moved around into temporary homes, all of the Degas, Monets and Courbets were placed in their new, spiffed up galleries. Last week I went to check it out and take some photos. The main area doesn’t look […]

L’Amour Toujours

Happy Valentine’s Day! May it be so very French. Thanks to Eye Prefer Paris for this image of a classic French moment.

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