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Top 10 Paris Pastry Shops

When I first took an interest in Parisian pastry, I kept coming across those same names (Ladurée, Stohrer, Blé Sucré). It seemed odd. In a city renowned for its work in pastry, and jammed with countless world-class chefs of every stripe. There had to be more than five patisseries worth visiting. What conventional wisdom and […]

A Top Chef Winner in the 10th

The winner of French “Top Chef” TV show in 2010, Romain Tischenko is at the helm at Le Galopin. On a recent visit, the room was buzzing. The space is minimally decorated, with yellow walls, simple wood tables and floor-to-ceiling windows wrapping around the corner of the bistro. There’s also a room downstairs; when we were there, […]

Your Heart on Your Wrist

New from Hexagon Accessories: The “Vive la France” Charm Bracelet on a sterling silver link chain. Buy it here for $65.

Midnight in Paris: That Dress!

Now that a company website is de rigueur for a fashion business, everyone has one—and sometimes designers wonder if anyone is reading their around-the-studio posts. Nathalie Seaver, a half-French fashion designer who owns an eponymous boutique for ready-to-wear and gifts in Los Angeles, found out last week just how powerful such a platform can be. […]

The Mystery of 1 Bis rue Chapon

Between numbers 1 and 3 of the Rue Chapon in the 3rd arrondissement stands a door numbered 1 Bis. It looks much like any other door in the street, but there is one major difference – behind this door there is only a wall. The door and associated decoration is in fact a creation by artists Julien Berthier and Simon […]

Anglophone Book Sale

Tomorrow (Sunday March 25) there is a sale of super-cheap books to benefit S.O.S. Helpline. Paperbacks – €1, hardcovers –  €2. You can’t beat that! If you’re a bookworm or have just been looking for something new to read in the park during the intoxicating French spring that has been budding of late, this event’s for […]

Should Kids Know About Merah?

It happens unfortunately rather often these days, a lone gunman goes postal, sending a battery of bullets into a crowd full of innocent people. It’s horrible; a dreaded disbelief grips me when I hear this kind of news. There’s an extra groan when it happens at a school or involves small children. Then there’s proximity, when it’s […]

Experimental Cocktails for the Weekend

Le Ballroom du Beef Club, the latest venture from the guys arguably responsible for the revolution in the Paris cocktail scene, opened this week in the capital. Combining a street level restaurant and a basement cocktail bar and club, this is the fifth address in Paris for the trio who are behind Experimental Cocktail Club, […]

Crafter’s Corral

Pappopaulin is the DIY Alibaba cavern! I stumbled upon it one day while wandering the 2nd where the wholesale garment district is, looking for a place to find ribbon in bulk. And boy did I find it! They have ribbons of every color, quality and width, in addition to the thousands of other items. I […]

Laughing Cow for President!

If you’re on Facebook, you might like to “Like” La Vache qui rit [Laughing Cow], the Elsie the Cow of France. She’s running for President! The site is full of jokes and puns and is really pretty adorable. I can’t vote in France, but I’d certainly be vachement more tempted to veauter for her than for the real candidates!

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