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Summer Swap Meets

Parisians treasure heritage and objects built to last (and last beautifully), and the city boasts a wide and stunning variety of oddities and worldly gems. The Paris antiques at vide-greniers and brocantes are some of the best souvenirs that I and my (chicly) slim wallet have found during our travels. After all, souvenir is a French word. […]

Sponsored Post: Best Bistros for Traditional Parisian Cuisine

There are many things that draw people to Paris, from its historic architecture to its romantic atmosphere. But something that definitely attracts holidaymakers to the French capital year in, year out is its delicious cuisine. Choosing where to eat in a city full of tasty offerings can be difficult, so here’s an insider’s guide to […]

Jewelry Classes in Paris

I had thought it would be easy to find courses in basic jewelry design in Paris. After all, the city is the world capital of fashion. There are independent jewelry stores all over the place. But no. What little I could find were studies that took at least a half year. I finally landed on […]

Versailles IN the RER

Until the end of 2014, RER C travelers have a one in four chance to travel royally. You don’t know when, but at any moment, RER C travelers might be sitting in either the Gallery of Mirrors, the library, the Queen’s bedroom or under a trellis of roses. A decoration project is being promoted as […]

Primitive Attraction

Former French President Georges Pompidou was an art lover. He pushed hard to launch the establishment of a museum dedicated to modern art in the center of Paris. This is how Centre Georges Pompidou, or Beaubourg, as it is usually called, was born. François Mitterand, the French President from 1981 to 1995, commissioned the building […]

A Passion for Polos

Due to a pleasant experience in a Monoprix recently, I love the French chain for everything from baguettes to bagues. My love grew stronger today when I discovered that the company’s cotton piqué polo shirts–a bargain at €15 a pop–are 30% off through the weekend (so those at right were €10.50 each). In fact, all clothing […]

Where to Play Poker in Paris

Recommended by the guys over at For those of you who are going to Paris you will have a plethora of options in terms of what to do and where to go. There are the must-see attractions like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower but if you are looking for an alternative night out […]

Atget’s Paris of the Early 20th Century

If you are unable to get to the amazing show of Eugene Atget’s early 20th century photography of Paris (at the Musee Carnavalet), make sure to peep this trailer (scroll down) for a film by Swim Cinema, which features plenty of amazing images and an interview with Berenice Abbott, the noted American photographer who was […]

Hear Me Roar

This bronze sculpture has taken a striking patina and sits on the west side of Hôtel de Ville, what I would call the “back door” of this historical building on Rue de Lobau. This majestic lion, one of a pair flanking the “back door,” was likely sculpted in the 1880s by one of the 230 […]

City of Streetlights

Opinion is divided on whether the name “City of Light” refers to the brilliant minds of the city’s 18th-century philosophers, or to the brightly illuminated streets of the capital. There are arguments to be made on both sides. If the latter is correct, there is no question that Paris works hard on its illuminations. As […]

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