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Shoe Biz

The photo background of Giuseppe Zanotti’s Paris shop window is almost as colorful as the featured shoe. Click here for a video of Zanotti’s shoe designs). >more

A Quiet Giant

Just off of Parc Monceau hides the unassuming Musee Cernuschi, France’s second-largest Asian museum and the fifth-largest in Europe. There are about 12,500 objects in the museum, with about 900 on permanent display–mostly Chinese and Japanese artifacts. Henri Cernuschi (1821 – 1896) was a wealthy banker and economist who travelled the Far East, collecting art. […]

Paris’s Twin Towers

If there is one part of Paris that really was inspired by New York, it is the twin towers of Les Mercuriales. Situated in Bagnolet on the eastern city limits, these two skyscrapers were built in the early ’70s to mirror the design of their contemporaries, the World Trade Center towers in Manhatten. Like the World Trade Center, they are two separate […]

5 Things Paris Has That NY Doesn’t

1. In Paris you can take your dog out to dine in a restaurant. I just love that people can sit at the table of any type of restaurant with Fido, Fifi or Sophie and toss a morsel of entrecote their way. 2. Café Life. I adore the fact that in the middle of the […]

A Deli in a Former Horsemeat Shop

Looking at the storefront of this pocket-size Paris restaurant, you might walk right past it, not only because of its size, but also because of the name posted above the door: “Chevaline,” which translates to “horse butcher.” This place was indeed once a horse butcher, but now it’s home to a great new lunch spot. Delphine […]

Paris Public Toilets

Though I’ve lived in Paris for close to a decade, I’ve never had the nerve to try the public toilets. I’m talking about those round kiosks on the street called sanisettes, those automatic wonders that do everything but wipe your bottom and zip up your pants. Not only do they flush once you are done, but […]

A Jaunt to Annecy

I’ve seen pictures of the city on various blogs over the years, and have always wanted to visit. There is the beautiful lake filled with the clearest water I have ever seen in France – and coming from the Land of 10,000 Lakes myself, proximity to water is important to me. We arrived at about […]

Paris Thrift Shops Exist!

Maybe it’s my fervent garage-sale-ing background, but I love junk shops: those cluttered, disorganized places guaranteed to make you sneeze from dust and hopefully give you a kitschy knick-knack to go home with for a couple of bucks. New York is full of them, but I never thought I’d find a junk store in Paris. […]

Boors vs. RATP

What is it about public transportation that makes otherwise civilized individuals behave badly? Few would consider commuting a pleasant experience but faulting the offensive stench in the metro or cramped, stroller-packed buses as cause for complete disregard for others is only acceptable to a point. All passengers are in the same, stinky boat yet not […]

“Apparitions” Photo Exhibit This Week

Guest post from our friends at This week the Center Culturel Calouste Gulbenkian, at 39 Boulevard de La Tour Maubourg in Paris celebrates the outstanding black-and-white photography by Gerard Castello-Lopez. Castello-Lopez was born in Vichy in 1925 and soon found two passions: photography and the underwater world. His stunning images are on exhibit until […]

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