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A Secret Gentlemen’s Club

On a curve of the Rue de la Cavalerie, not far from the Ecole Militaire and Eiffel Tower, stands a rather grandiose art deco parking structure. Even more impressive than its exterior though is the fact that tucked away on its 6th floor is an unexpected Basque pelota trinquet. Looking above the ground floor it is […]

A Neighbor’s Tip

Here’s a favorite anecdote that illustrates about how deep food connoiseursip is in the average Parisian. My neighbor pulled me aside and told me, somewhat gravely, that he had seen me entering and exiting a place he didn’t approve of. “Ecoutes,” he said, “You cannot buy bread from that boulagerie. Yes, it’s the closest one […]

A Bar Called The Pigs

On first glance, The Pigs seems to be a standard café, with a varied customer base filling the box-standard terrace tables while smoking ciggies and sipping demi beers. But, step up to the bar and you’ll find something a little different from the traditional corner bar fare. The menu includes the usual brews and wines […]

Angels of Paris

Rosemary Flannery is the author of Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour through the History of Paris. Over the years, Rosemary and I have talked about our writing and research, and I am thrilled to learn that her book is coming out on November 6th! Rosemary studied French at Columbia and studied Méthodologie de l’Architecture with Professor […]

Impressionism and Fashion

Impressionism originated in France during the second half of the 19th century, at a time of industrial development. First heavily criticized, this form of painting was first dubbed as unconventional and unfinished, before becoming extremely popular as it represented the evolution of society for the first time. The impressionists made a point of reflecting the […]

Reading Zola

I started reading Nana by Emile Zola with low expectations. But it’s so good! I am reading it in the métro and can’t put it down. The differences between French literature and English literature are somewhat staggering for the naive, like me. I see why it was considered shocking for young girls to read “French […]

Holiday Ideas for this Winter: Master Méribel

Skiing… the word conjures up images of log cabins, exhilarating days, and warm nights spent by blazing fires. There is nothing better than whizzing down a piste in the company of family and friends, or enjoying the camaraderie and laughs of ski school. Arguably, the best skiing available in Europe is to be had in […]

Tuesday is Discount Cinema Night

Just in time for autumn’s onslaught of rainy, chilly days, the Tuesday Movie Deal has been extended! Nearly forever. From now until December 2013, you can pay just 3,90€ for one ticket at Cinéma Gaumont or Pathé – on TUESDAYS ONLY. You must buy the ticket the same day that you’re going, between 9:30am and 10:30pm. Click here to buy. You could see Pauline […]

The Master of Merde

Paris expat Stephen Clarke is the author of the best-selling series of “Merde” novels such as A Year in the Merde and books about France and its people such as Talk to the Snail and — one of my favorite history books — 1000 Years of Annoying the French. I met up with Stephen at Café Le Nemours on […]

The French Crime Rate

We tend to think of France as a civilized country, even in terms of crime. Yet the Hexagon suffers more homicides each year than Spain and Germany, according to the European Commission, a government agency that represents the interested on the European Union. A chart showing murder rates from 2007 – 2009 places France in […]

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