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Video of Paris Light

The excitement of the cityscape seen in a new way drives this video by Benjamin Trancart. By now, time-lapse photography projects of Paris aren’t a revelation (perhaps the most well-known is Le Flaneur, but this one  manages to add a fresh spin with its surreal effects and music by Yasawas-Amon Tobin. Plus, it took 100,000 photographs […]

Vigipirate: Terror Alerts in France

In 1991 during the First Gulf War France created something called Vigipirate. Odd name we all agreed. Since then France’s government has put the country on Vigipirate three times: in 2003 during the Second Gulf War, in 2005 during the terrorism attacks in Central London and in March 2012 during the Merah Affair when a young […]

Free Organ Concerts

Most of the churches in Paris have organs, but a few also have extraordinary organists. Jean Guillou, the organist of the Eglise St-Eustache (Les Halles, 1st), is considered one of the greatest organists of all time. He’s internationally recognized as a master organist, pianist, composer and improviser for over half a century. And you can hear him […]

It’s Snowing!

Here’s a rare site–a snowman! Thanks to Rue Rude for this wonderful picture taken on rue Bonaparte.

Le Pressing: Not a Dry Cleaner

Thanks to the new street food concept Le Pressing, the humble panini has been elevated from a cardboard-like carb-fest to a delectable toasted sandwich showcasing mouthwatering flavor combos in bread borne of superior French baking skills. Chefs have collaborated with the venture to create a concise selection of gourmet panini recipes, to which they lend their names, featuring […]

Inside Neimeyer’s Communist Party HQ

I have previously written about the Paris HQ building of the French Communist party, but last weekend gave me the opportunity to explore the interiors. To celebrate the life of Oscar Niemeyer, building’s architect, who died at the end of 2012 (aged 104!) – the doors of the French Communist party HQ were opened to […]

A Twirl Thru Pirouette

When I was a little girl, the only part of ballet lessons that I ever remember enjoying was the part where we got to break free from the dreadful rigidity of the bar exercises and spin across the floor doing pirouettes. Because who doesn’t love twirling around in a tutu? Les Halles’ newest resto, Pirouette, promises […]

Museum of Broken Hearts

Sure, Paris may be known as the city of love and romance and all that crap, but it’s not as romantic as you might think, and getting your heart broken is universal. A broken heart is as sure to the human experience as breathing or sleeping. If you’ve ever laughed, you’ve had (or will have) your […]

The Homeowners’ Meeting

This fall, I went to my first annual Assemblée Générale des copropriétaires, or General Assembly of Co-owners. We were summoned to this General Assembly meeting by an official convocation. Sounds like the shareholder meeting for Coca Cola, or maybe a third legislative branch, right? Well essentially, it’s a homeowners’ association or condo association meeting. Furthermore, […]

Paris Version of the High Line

Described as being the first “energy-positive large-scale building” in Paris, the Halle Pajol is the regeneration of an old railway maintenance shed alongside the tracks leading to the Gare de l’Est. Although this building – which has kept the iron framework, but rebuilt with wood and other ‘natural’ materials – is partially open. The indoor […]

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