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What is a Cocarde Tricolore?

La Cocarde Tricolore is the circle badge of red white and blue rings that represents the French Republic. It was created during the French revolution: the red and blue are the colors of Paris and the white was added by La Fayette out of respect for the monarchy (white being the color of the Bourbons), […]

Krautrock Forbidden

Auguste Perret’s Salle Cortot offers a blank exterior to passers by, but its interesting interior can be experienced for free duringlunchtime concerts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Salle Cortot on the Rue Cardinet in the 17th arrondissement is the concert hall of theÉcole normale de musique de Paris, an institution that was created in 1919 […]

The Mineral’s Song

I have long admired Thierry Vendome’s exquisite jewelry in his boutique down the street from me. I didn’t realize his father was also a renowned jewelry designer until some friends of mine told me about an exhibition of both of their work. Le Chant du Mineral at the Galerie Martel-Greiner is a superb showcase of […]

Old School Brasserie Brilliance

Facing the neoclassical Palais Brongniart on rue Notre Dame des Victoires, Brasserie Gallopin was founded in 1876 by Gustave Gallopin. A renovation in August 2011 restored the oak walls, zinc bar and gilded ceilings of the Belle Epoque dining room and the Philosophers’ Room. Though the first room may appear small, the brasserie stretches into […]

Postcard from Pastry School

After comparing three different Paris-based pastry schools, I decided last November to apply to the international intensive program at Ferrandi. Every program has its pros and cons, but I was swayed by Ferrandi’s internship requirement as well as the additional classes included in the curriculum (boulangerie, traiteur, French, oenology, and art). Ferrandi accepted me in March, but […]

The Soaring ’20s

While this large lounge can easily hold a hundred, it still offers an air of intimacy with nooks and alcoves packed with comfortable armchairs, candlelit coffee tables and heavy drapes. The ladies’ offers up two loos in the same room, so you can gossip with the girls literally nonstop. Dim lighting and an eclectic assortment […]

White Brights

Can’t get enough images of Paris in the recent snowfall? Here’s a fantastic album.

The Birds

On and around a condemned building in the Rue de l’Orillon, a group of starlings is currently putting on a performance each evening at dusk. But for how long? Around an hour before sundown they begin to gather. Not in trees or on rooftops but instead on the metallic branches of an giant television antenna. […]

Les Cocottes!

By 1900, Europe’s female celebrities were les cocottes, Paris-based courtesans whose taste dictated fashion. Figures such as Mata Hari, la Belle Otéro and Cléo de Mérode were seen as ultimate Parisian women. But the work of these grandes horizontales was hardly all horizontal. They served as the trophy companions of powerful men, but also as hostesses and artistic […]

The New Best Croissant

After tasting thirty Paris croissants, the French newspaper le Figaro has published its ranking of the best croissants in Paris. Le Figaroscope, the Wednesday supplement of le Figaro, published an article that tries to answer the question: “Where does one find the best croissants in Paris“. ‘… A ton of crumbs later’ …,  the tasters’ response: Pierre Hermé, 72 […]

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