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The American Hospital’s Distinction

Did you know that the only hospital outside the U.S. that is fully certified to U.S. standards is here in Paris? The American Hospital was founded almost a hundred years ago for American residents, and built in the leafy, wealthy suburb of Neuilly (if this was London, Neuilly would just be part of the city, […]

Monday Morning: Roll the Calls!

FREE: Versailles Survival Guide

Louis XIV’s spectacular domain was the summit of French power, art, and culture. If you’re going to do Versailles at all, do it right, and do it with as little stress as possible. Most people will only remember stifling crowds, long lines for everything, overpaying, and leaving with the sense that not only did they […]

The Light Fantastique

Wow. Here’s one of many amazing images Richard Nahem has on his Eye Prefer Paris blog from the “La Nuit aux Invalides” light show. The show is up through May 7. If you’re unable to make it to Paris to see it, enjoy Richard’s images here.

‘Ardy ‘Ar ‘Ar

I’m a stand-up comedian, and when I found myself in the position to move to Paris last year, I was thrilled but slightly concerned about the comedy scene here. I mean, when I think about Paris, I think about a lot of things, but stand-up comedy is definitely not one of them. I wasn’t even […]

Price Hike Fun Fact

Transportation and baguette prices rise around July 1 each year. Apparently, it is less painful. You leave on vacation knowing already that prices will go up, relax on vacation, come back and the price-increase theory is fact. Since the French are back from vacation and do not want to stress out yet, the price increases […]

Ooh La La

Good news for penny-pinching vintage ad lovers: I’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of French ads from all decades of the 20th century. From fashion prints to old Vogue and La Vie Parisienne covers to auto and lingerie ads, HPrints has everything your vintage-loving heart desires. You can find old campaigns for luxury brands like Givenchy, Balenciaga, […]


France has legalized gay marriage and adoption of children by gay people and gay couples. HOORAY!

A Parc Like No Other

Parc de Monceau was designed by Carrogis Carmontelle in the late 1700s with a fanciful assortment of features: a Roman colonnade, antique statues, a tatar tent, a farmhouse, an enchanted grotto, and an Egyptian pyramid.

Les Olympiades: WTF?

No other part of Paris has undergone such a radical transformation as the 13th arrondissement in the last 50 years, and nowhere is this more visible than at the Olympiades development, celebrating its 40th birthday this year. But have these transformations been successful? Rarely has a shopping centre been less appropriately named than the Centre […]

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