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Mysteries of French Culture

The country’s most beautiful actor. And its most notorious criminal. Why has Alain Delon never played Jacques Mesrine?

Paris’s Prettiest Passage?

I think Galerie Véro-Dodat is one of the prettiest and well kept of the passages of Paris. It runs in between rue de Jean-Jacques Rosseau and rue de Croix-des-Petis-Champs in the first arrondissement. Built in 1826 by two charcutiers, Galerie Véro-Dodat is one of the finest examples of the covered passageways that were primarily built in the early to […]


More tourists visit Paris than any other city on Earth. So, seemingly more guide books about the City of Light exist than a visitor could ever need. And yet one has just appeared that is unique and necessary: Quiet Paris by Siobhan Wall. “I wonder whether we are now less familiar with losing our way […]

Hair Today (and Yesterday)

Kings since Samson wore long hair as a crown of power. Louis XIV was losing his hair at the age of seventeen. He needed hair. What did he do? He ordered a wig and began an entire industry. In Egypt a shaved head identified someone as a high priest to the pharaoh. After the Second […]

Finally! Healthy Food Delivered

Vélissime is the latest organic lunch delivery cart to hit the streets of Paris: Hearthy, organic meals distributed in several areas around town for lunch every weekday, just €11 for the three-course menu or €9 for two courses. You can read the entire week’s menu online and pre-order up until 11am. No dripping burgers, and […]

Smoke Like a Fireman

I used to use the expression “fumer comme un pompier” (smoke like a fireman) to describe a friend and some of his family members. So it was interesting to read the origins of it. Apparently at the end of the 18th/beginning of the 19th century, firefighters would coat their uniforms with a sort of fatty […]

April Showers

After an interminable winter, people are wandering outside this week to get a taste of sunshine, an element that now feels as priceless as caviar. Like goldfish bobbing to the surface of their aquarium to gobble down food, we turn our heads up and gulp down the few rays of sunlight that pierce through the […]

Americans’ (Art) in Paris

Opening today at the Orsay Museum is one of the most awaited exhibitions of the year: “A Passion for France,” 70 paintings from the Marlene and Spencer Hays Collection. The Hays are an American couple from Tennessee. Mr. Hays is president of the American Friends of the Orsay. The couple’s Nashville residence is a reproduction […]


Late last year, l’Eclair popped up on the cute cobblestone street rue Cler, which is better known for its markets than mixology. On first glance, it appears to be just another typical Paris cafe, with a busy terrace, strategically distressed decor and a lively crowd of young Frenchies chatting over cheap glasses of wine. But […]

How to Spot Fake Taxis

Aside from trying to maintain order on the streets and sidewalks of the most famous avenue in the world, the Prefecture de Police de Paris is also trying to help tourists avoid getting ripped off by fake taxis. They’re usually hovering around airports and train stations, but I’ve had clients taken for a ride by a […]

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