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I’ve Got Baggage

A friend of mine, who had worked as a flight attendant, delighted me with stories of Russian travelers insisting on carrying giant televisions on board when they returned home. I fear I may look a bit similar on my trip to Paris next week. It’s because little things for your apartment–shower curtains, name-brand coffeemakers, plastic […]

We Have Been Veliberated!

Until now, using the wonderful Paris Velib system was hard for Americans, whose credits cards usually don’t have the metal chip that the French call a puce (flea). But now it appears we will no longer see Americans with sad faces, scratching their heads at a Velib station. You can go online to the Velib […]

Brushpicks Are the New Denim

Before glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was said that you could pay for a trip to Russia by bringing Levi’s jeans in your suitcase and selling them to people who could not get them there. Today comes news that a Tiffany & Co is set to open in Red Square. So […]

Purple Reign

“WHAT happened here?” asked my colorist with candid alarm when I sat in her chair at my LA beauty salon. I explained that, to save money, I’d dyed my own hair from a store-bought kit. My colorist, Kim, who grew up in France. As she initiated triage on my tresses, we laughed about the unnatural […]

Debauchery in Mind

After you experience a lot of nightlife in Paris, the glitzy barhopping starts to feel stale, leaving behind only a craving for an experience with less fuss and more edge. That’s why I decided to swap the usual debonair bar jam-packed with natty sophisticates for a laid-back evening at la Folie en Tête. I nosed […]

Subsidizing Intermittent Workers

France is facing a major budget deficit, estimated at 30 billion dollars (90% of its GDP). One of the biggest problems is that it has one of the highest government costs in the world: 56% of GDP, the second highest in the EU, while the economy is actually shrinking. One of the things that have come under […]

Gainsbourg vs. Hallyday

File under: you can’t make this stuff up. In July 2011, a Serge Gainsbourg impersonator stabbed a Johnny Hallyday impersonator in the neck. This being France, the rivalry was over the creative merit of their respective performances. The verdict in the trial comes Monday.

Ye Olde Sorbet Truck

The closest things I’ve seen to an ice cream truck in Paris is the artisan organic sorbet truck of La Ferme de la Metarie. It serves 16 hand-made flavors from the classic to the exotic, all made without any additives or preservatives, and made with certified organic fruits since 1986 by the same family. Look for […]

My Expat Life

I recently handed over the reins of my business to my children so I could retire. Originally hailing from New York City, I moved to Paris to experience something I’ve always dreamed of. From a very young age I took French classes and was fluent by thirteen. I had visited France many times before deciding […]

When the French Teach You English

The other day, C & I had just finished watching “The Office,” and he asked how many episodes were left. I replied “Only one” and he said “Oh no! It’s the last but one! I’m going to be so sad when it’s over.” I burst out laughing, and said “What did you say?” and he […]

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