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Sweet Summer Evenings

Is it just me, or does this look like the ideal place for a late-summer piano concert? That’s exactly the idea behind Solistes à Bagatelle, a series of concerts to tie up the end of summer by shining the spotlight on up-and-coming as well as established, talented piano players. From Debussy to Bartok, Mozart to Schumann […]

High Tea

In France, Mariage Frères is synonymous with the art of tea. The brand is as well-known in the world of tea as Kleenex is for tissues. The Mariage family’s first tea company was established in Paris on June 1, 1854, although the family’s work in sourcing tea from around the world dates back to 1660. […]

A Seasonal Miracle

You may wonder why I have posted this photo. If you don’t live in Paris or you don’t have a car. This is a Paris street, and yet there are parking spaces! More than one! It must be August!

Chips Ahoy!

Finally, the Entente Cordiale seems to be really paying off: that British favorite of fish and chips has – at last – crossed the Channel and arrived in Paris with the opening of The Sunken Chip in the capital’s trendy 10th arrondissement, just a hop, chip (sorry) and a jump away from the Canal Saint […]

Can Anyone Fix France?

This New York Times article by Steven Erlanger is the best, and perhaps most depressing, precis of what is happening in France right now. In 30 years of shuttling between France and the US, I have never observed a more morose population. And that is among my friends who have good jobs. I agree with […]

A Candlelit Chateau Dinner

Despite all of the wonders and delights of Paris that I’ve discovered in my 18 years of living here, even I have to begrudgingly admit that when it comes to “must see sights”, the reality can often be a huge let down compared to the fairy tale image many visitors imagined. Crowds, lines, noise, confusing […]

France’s Lactariums

Often when I’m on the road, I’ll end up watching France 2’s “Télématin” program while getting ready in the morning. It’s sort of like the French version of the “Today” show, but not as fun. So the other day, I was listening to it in my hotel room while repacking my suitcase, and I heard […]

Remembering Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson, the father of modern photo-journalism, was born 105 years ago today. He died in 2004, at the ripe old age of 95. Here are just a few of our favorite images by him.

Discovering la Chapelle

At the bottom of the rue Marx Dormoy, near the La Chapelle Metro station sits Le Capucin. It’s the epitome of the banal Parisian cafe, the kind of place where you can still eat hard boiled eggs at the bar. On this morning, my neighbour at the counter is one of the city’s street cleaners, […]


I’m all for the juice craze, which shows signs of taking off in Paris. But the early adopters may want to run their business names by an Anglophone before hiring a sign-maker!

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