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Jean Patou Gets His Due

The Jean Patou that emerges in Jean Patou: A Fashionable Life, a Flammarion monograph (By Emmanuelle Polle) to appear next month, resembles less Coco Chanel, his contemporary and rival almost 100 years ago, and more Karl Lagerfeld, who has made the Chanel name even more famous than its founder had. Whereas Gabrielle Chanel began by […]

American Lunch at the Palais Royal

The new dining mecca Verjus, which serves gourmet sandwiches at lunch at a teeny wine bar, offers local favorites from American cities including Mr. Chang’s Buns from the East Village in New York. Midnight Cuban from Seattle, Washington, and Bakesale Betty from Oakland, California. I’m a sucker anytime or anywhere for fried chicken and the […]

Parlez-Vous Aspirateur?

This is a first. We are all used to selecting from English or Spanish when calling those annoying automated systems when trying to get customer service. Today I called Hoover, in the US, and they offered English, Spanish or French!

Where the Locals Buy Cheap!

If you’re a visitor to Paris you may wonder, as you wander through the central historic districts of the city past its endless luxury boutiques, how Parisians can afford to live here. Rest assured that most of the locals are not shopping where you’re sightseeing. At least not outside the sales! One oft-ignored place to […]

Velib 101

When the weather’s good and the Métros are too stuffily hot or crowded to bear, the absolute best way to get around Paris is in the Vélib’. This clever bike-sharing system makes wheeling around town easy and, best of all, affordable. There are over 1,200 Vélib’ stations and 18,000 shared bikes in Paris, making it the […]

Vive Les Parisiens

One of the things I love about the French is their self-deprecating humor and innate ability to caricaturize themselves for the comic good. Or, in the case of Les Parisiens, caricaturized by someone else. Now through August 28th, Parisian tics and quirks are interpreted playfully by Kanako, the Japanese illustrator for the site My Little […]

Sunset at Versailles

Here’s a favorite among many amazing images of sunset at Versailles. Click here to see the others by Richard Nahem of the blog Eye Prefer Paris.

Food at La Phamacie

Thanks to the néo-bistrologie movement sweeping Paris restaurants, the dark ages of rude waiters and blatant overpricing are seemingly done for. This trend, overwhelmingly impacting the 9th–12th Arrondissements, has been successfully flushing out finicky dining to accommodate establishments like la Pharmacie. With pleasant service and Christophe Duparay’s culinary savvy, this neo-bistro near République pays tribute […]

How Much French Do You Need?

French dictionaries usually contain about 10.000 words but you will need only about 500 of them to face most situations during your stay in Paris. Even though they are proud of their language, the French now use more and more English nouns in their vocabulary than ever. Back in the 1990s, politicians tried to limit […]

Mademoiselle C: Carine Roitfeld Doc by Fabien Constant

At a photo shoot in a cemetery, a model in a transparent purple fabric (that doesn’t appear to be an actual garment) walks past tombstones. She asks if she should climb on the graves. “No,” says Carine Roitfeld. “That would be disrespectful.” What may come off as an outtake of “Absolutely Fabulous” is from the […]

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