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A Novel Idea

What’s so special about mornings at a French café?  Well, look at the photo.  See the guy sitting by himself reading?  What is he reading?  A novel.  Not a newspaper.  Not a magazine.  Not a computer screen.  Look around the cafe (which, by the way, is Chez Prune just off the Canal Saint-Martin).  Do you […]

Fill It, Fold It: I’ll Eat It

The humble crêperie is one of my favorite places in Paris. The food is affordable—usually less than 15 euros for two courses—and the eating is easy. Nothing goes down better after a night of heavy wine “tasting” than a ham-egg-cheese complète. What’s more, the rough decor and the brusque charm of the waitresses remind me […]

Old-School Authenticity

I don’t know about you, but I find it reassuring that a place like Le Rubis still exists in Paris, particularly in a high-rent part of town, where one of the hottest places to “eat” is something called a water bar. Le Rubis is a 1930s-era bar à vin that seems to have changed little […]

Found: Rosebud Salve

Rosebud Salve is one of those beauty products that has an almost scary cult following of real addicts. Seriously, I’ve seen girls apply this stuff with the same intensity, urgency, and frequency of heavy smokers. Unfortunately, finding this all-purpose lip balm in Paris proves difficult. After searching Sephoras throughout the cities as well as pharmacies […]

Theatre de Belleville, Then and Now

Little pictorial evidence exists of the original Theatre de Belleville, built in 1826 on the Cour Lesage off the Rue de Belleville, but by all accounts it was a magnificent building both inside and out. This was a time when Belleville was one of the suburbs of Paris, a place of leisure where Parisians went […]

A Sip of Reims

Not long ago, we spent two days in Reims, and while it was fun, it wasn’t quite as champagne-filled as I was expecting it to be. We visited two of the big Champagne houses: Tattinger and Pommery (many of the others close during the winter months). I think I’d like to go back again one […]

It’s Just Not Said

Most Americans know better than to ask their friends how much money they earn or to ask how much was spent on a large ticket item like a house. It is considered uncouth for us to be so nosy. The French, on the other hand, take the subject of money to a whole new level. […]

Paris in Movies, Movies in Paris

Let’s say that it’s a cloudy, rainy day (for a change) in Paris, and you don’t know what to do. I say, go to the Forum des Images, the massive film archive in the bowels of the Forum des Halles where for five euros you can watch films until your eyes go buggy. I usually avoid […]

How BD Is Different Here

Who would have though that the French would be obsessed with comic books? Certainly not me, until I moved here and noticed that in any town of any noticeable size, there was at least one bookstore entirely dedicated to bandes dessinées, or BDs as they are called for short. Aside from noticing the crowds in the […]

Happy Autumn

It may have felt like fall already, but today is the first official day. Enjoy!

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