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A New Patisserie in the 10th

Hot off the press and fresh out of the oven: brand new bakery Liberté opened its doors just last week on the corner of up-and-coming roads rue Lucien Sampaix and rue de Vinaigriers just next to the Canal St Martin in Paris’ 10th arrondissement and has already been drawing in the crowds daily with its […]

Flea To Be You and Me

I remember in the 1990s the most charming and quaint shop in New York’s East Village, The Paris Apartment, owned by Claudia Strasser. Fast forward 20 years later: Claudia and The Paris Apartment have a cult following with a popular website, blog, decorating services and online boutique selling French antique furniture and objets. Claudia’s first book The Paris […]

Renting Velibs Sans European Charge Card

Since July 2007, when the City of Paris inaugurated a wildly successful system of low-cost bike rentals called Velib’ (vel-leeb), it’s really hard to resist the temptation to do so. Quite simply it’s fun to check out these high-tech, sexy looking bikes and take them for a spin, dropping them off at bike stands with […]

French Beauty Brands Primer

Crème de la Mer sounds oh so French, but it’s not, and Estée Lauder wasn’t a Parisienne. A lot of the world’s cosmetic brands try to sound French for a very good reason: the French understand beauty like no one else, and the local industry is perhaps the strongest in the world, investing millions to […]

Scandinavian Modern

Frenchman Gregory Donatien and his Danish wife Louise Vyff have united their stylish cultural heritage to create Maison Nordik, a new boutique in the foothills of Montmartre selling mid-century modern Scandinavian furniture and home accessories, bringing clean Nordic design to the north of Paris. The two-floor, 100m2 space showcases carefully sourced pieces – Arne Jacobsen […]

Paris’ Most Expensive Hotels

Looking at the average price of hotels in Paris on pages like this one, one could assume nothing really differentiates the price range of hotels in this city from any other European capital. However, looking deeper at the hotel listings, one can easily find highly expensive and luxurious hotels, which are definitely among the most […]

Cliche Sur Seine

Here’s a fun group of graphics for different neighborhoods of Paris. These “Cliche Sur Seine” images are by designer Simon Sek (more here). Do you get all the references? I’m stymied by Strasbourg St. Denis and Place de Clichy–please explain if you can! (Hat tip to Matthew Rose.)

Chocolate Art

Yes, they are made from chocolate. The exhibition is over but you can take it in with your eyes over at Secrets of Paris.

Trapped-in-Amber Alert

Sure, I groan when I see a hipster bar opening in my neighborhood, or a Disneyfied version of a French bistro take the place of an authentic French bistro. But I don’t enter a deep funk when a whorehouse closes. And I’m getting weary of expats who do. Like any city, Paris changes, and new […]

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