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Yesterday’s Agenda

Vintage, blank mini-agenda books are one of those items you see often enough in Paris flea markets, but no so much in US ones. Last year I snagged a blank 1974 agenda after doing a quick check on my iPhone to discover that the dates of each month back then fell on the same days […]

Customer Service

No, no one said “hello” to me at Castorama when I visited last week. Just the same sour faces looking put-out by my question of which aisle for brooms. Good luck with the customer service machine, Casto (and with your grammar).

Attention Stamp Nerds!

If all you sending home from a trip to Paris is a postcard, at least put a decent stamp on it. Ask for the Versailles Collector stamps at any Parisian post office (or order online), which are valid for international mail (there is no postcard rate in France). They also have Eiffel Tower Collector stamps (they cost […]

More Culinary Brilliance in SoPi

South Pigalle is the place to be in Paris right now, and the recent arrival of casual Japanese canteen Ito only confirms that sentiment. The tiny, inconspicuous restaurant in the SoPi neighbourhood, helmed by chef Victor Magsaysay, serves serious Japanese tapas, with a concise menu of ten small dishes featuring delights such as tofu-stuffed shitake mushrooms, […]

Backstage at Fauchon

Lost in Cheeseland has a wonderful gallery of images “backstage” (in the prep kitchen) of Fauchon. Click here for more!

For Tombstone Tourists

The three principal cemeteries in Paris – Père Lachaise, Montmartre and Montparnasse – see large numbers of tombstone tourists, but few people venture out to the other smaller burial grounds in the city. A look in photos at one of these, the cimetière de la Villette. Like the majority of cemeteries in Paris, the La […]

Merry Christmas!

Shopping for Love

If you’ve put off Christmas shopping to the very last minute, I’ve got your hook-up. You can never go wrong with a food gift from La Grande Epicerie, inside Le Bon Marche in the 7th. It’s open today. In addition to attractive edibles in a range of prices, it offers holiday perks such as champagne […]

Against the Grain

Usually the Hermes windows don’t hold anything back when it comes to their luxurious Christmas windows with over-the-top displays of sheer decadence. This year Hermes has pulled back. Gone are the vibrant colors and metallic finishes. In their place are subtle, toned-down pastel and dusty desert tones of beige, pink, pale blue, sage, and apricot. […]

Couture Confidential

A muse inspires and a model flatters. But no woman matters more to Paris fashion than the saleswoman or vendeuse. These elite employees are the direct links between customers and creator. A vendeuse has to personify style. But, unlike models or celebrities, she must also be discreet. Her job is to win her label faithful […]

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