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Cali Modern Cocktails

The boys behind the Tiki Lounge now have a new spot with a personality all its own. This time they’ve traded blowfish lamps and masks for something more midcentury modern. At Lone Palm, you can sip like a Californian lounge lizard of the ’50s when “modern design” meant comfy booths, kicky palm prints and Jetsons-like […]

Where to Donate Clothing

Now that you’ve all stuffed your tiny Parisian closets full of new clothing from the winter sales, time to clean out the old stuff you never wear. There are many places in Paris to donate used clothing (Croix Rouge, Emmaüs, etc), but they are not centrally located nor open at all hours. The easiest option […]

Free: Food Dictionary Download!

Passé simple? No problem. Irregular verbs? Bring ’em on. But when it comes to French words on restaurant menus, I’m forever. Have you, too, settled for the steak frites because you had no clue what aïgo bouido, gargouillau and macaire mean? Well, we’re finally in luck. The new Kindle e-book A French Dictionary of Food […]

Poking Fun at Parisians

You could say that Daumier was what we would consider a lifestyle/humorist blogger today. Each of his drawings (there are dozens and dozens of them at “Les Parisiens de Daumier” at Galerie du Crédit Municipal de Paris through March 4) mocked, exaggerated or poked fun at a certain type of Parisian, in different situations of […]

How Paris Became Paris

Every now and then, Paris Syndrome pops up in the media. It’s a psychological state of near (or total) hysteria, apparently brought on by tourists expecting Paris to be all poodles and pastries. From Wikipedia: The susceptibility of Japanese people may be linked to the popularity of Paris in Japanese culture, notably the idealized image […]

Walk This Way

Weighing in at a half-pound, the new Insight Guides: Explore Paris is the welterweight champion of mini-guides to Paris. The format is a series of walks through all the city’s major neighborhoods.  Its writing is sharper than you find in a Fodor’s guide and devoid of the clichés that mar the Lonely Planet and Rough […]

The View from Here

Notre Dame Tower always has a long line, so I’ve pretty much written it off over the years. I was with tour clients two weeks ago at Notre Dame and only two people on line, so I figured now is my chance. I went back last Monday on a clear, sunny day. There was a […]

Here Lies…

Apparently Jim Morrison isn’t the only American-bred cultural icon buried in Pere Lachaise. A friend emailed me this photo he took in the cemetery with the caption, “Pauvre Pepe!”

Gym Dandy

The fact that French people are not as fitness-obsessed as Americans is evident when you look at a schedule of classes for a gym: all the names are English or adaptations. A French friend of mine told me she takes “gym tonic,” “le fitness” and “le stretching” classes. Maybe the French avoid gyms because they […]

That Explains It

A friend explains the reason for one of Paris’s most marked socio-cultural traditions: In Paris, they love to make you run all over town to do paperwork, and when you do 1/3 of the time you arrive at the right place during their (schitzo) open hours and are met with a sign like this. It […]

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