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Art vs. Ads

Most would agree that strolling through the heart Paris feels very much akin to strolling the halls of a museum. The advertisements for luxury goods, office supplies and electronics that line the city’s pristine boulevards, however, can be a jarring juxtaposition. Artist Etienne Lavie sought to illustrate what the city might look like if classical […]

A Modern Movie Club

Some people never go to the cinema anymore because they watch all of their movies at home. But the Popcorn Project is a totally new experience worth checking out. This cinema social club organizes regular screenings of popular, classic and cult films in a private cinema venue with an aperitif beforehand and a buffet, cocktail […]


Belief in astrology: it’s sort of like autism. Or sexuality. It’s a spectrum, not a black-and-white thing. Like many people, I don’t believe the planets guide our every action, but there’s little denying that the movement of our solar system (and beyond) has a real effect on us earthlings. Just look at the tide, or […]

Let Paris Be Your Valentine

We are not all lucky in love all the time. Thankfully, Paris is there to be our Valentine anytime, but especially at night. See more midnight moments by Prete-Moi Paris here.

Eats for Fashion Elites

You never know who you might sit next to or see at Chez Georges, but one thing is always certain: the fashionable elite and button-down set will bring life and love to this timeless classic. So it was no surprise that when dining here recently during the Paris Couture, Anna Wintour of Vogue found a quiet […]

Another New Concept Store

I was walking down the Rue Jacob in the winter drizzle last week when I spotted a cool looking new shop Gab & Jo: Concept Store à la Française. It had a hipster/bobo style to it, which, despite the negative connotations that has these days, is a pretty appealing aesthetic. Intending to look it up […]

Small Plates from a Robuchon Disciple

Trying out (and loving) new South Pigalle Japanese tapas joint Ito led us to rediscovering established Left Bank restaurant Lengué, which is also an izakaya – a Japanese drinking specialist serving small sharing plates – with ex-Robuchon chef Katsutoshi Kondi heading up the kitchen. The intimate space with wooden ceiling beams and bare stone walls is on a […]

Paris: Cow Town!

The annual agriculture and farm fair has massive pavilions with endless aisles of food purveyors with samples of regional cheeses, wines, meats, foie gras, sausages, crepes, and many other delectable foods. There are also animal competitions and rodeo shows. Every year Salon de Agriculture selects a mascot and this year it’s Bella (pictured) the cow, […]

Yellow Coin Season

It’s pièce jaune time! You can pick up this nice foldable box (pictured) at the post office, fill it with all your pièces jaunes or yellow coins–the small change in the Euro Zone is yellowish or copper. Then bring it back in to the post office before February 15th and voilà, you have helped children […]

The Revolution in Pictures

For lovers of history, gore or just beautiful art: A new trove of images from the French Revolution have just been released for your online viewing. Thousands of images have been posted! Thanks to the art blog Hypoallergic via Matthew Rose.

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