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Where Are the Jobs?

The Guignols of Canal + went for the jugular this week, showing no mercy to unpopular French president François Hollande after the catastrophic first round of municipal elections. In this brilliantly–and painfully–funny bit, the puppet Hollande sings his desperate search for jobs, looking everywhere for them, including in bookcases and under his car. “Emploioutai!” he sings […]

Dark Inspirations

The fashion exhibitions at Musée des Arts Decoratifs are always presented in a special designated space. The atmosphere is almost like going to the theatre: it’s pitch black except for the vitrines, which are dimly lit. It doesn’t always work, and for some shows it’s been difficult to see the details of the clothes. For […]

The Marie-Antoinette Diet?!

“Let them eat cake!” is the most famous quote that the Queen of France never said, but if you want to look just like her, then just pretend that she said it anyway! A new diet trend that was developed by author Karen Wheeler in her new book, The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eat Cake and […]

I Hear a Sinfonietta

Recently I went to my second “Cocktails & Conversations” evening with Sinfonietta, a “Paris-based collaborative ensemble of highly accomplished young professional chamber and orchestral artists from all parts of the world committed to a fresh and relevant programming mission of rediscovery through excellence in ensemble performance.” That’s a fancy way of saying that this is […]

Paris vs Marseille

You don’t need to know much about France’s second largest city to appreciate these satirical prints by Topito, inspired by the staggering success of Vahram Muratyan’s collection Paris vs. New York. I’d love to see the stark dichotomy between Marseille and Paris, legendary archrivals, played out more broadly in a book. >more images

Who Knew?

On the southwest corner of Hôtel des Invalides you will find the Jardin de Intendant, verdant sculpted garden, a quiet place to enjoy the greenness of spring in Paris.

League of Justice

Last Sunday, four strangers sat down silently at Table No. 1. We were there to count votes for our precinct in the arrondissement’s mayoral election. Opening the majority of small blue envelopes with folded A4 pages produced legitimate results. Near the end of the evening, I unfolded a surprise vote in one of the small […]

Le Brain Drain

Yet another missive about the growing moroseness among young French people. I have to admit I agree with increasing number of articles about France’s top-heavy government and the country’s general bitterness dashing the dreams of hardworking entrepreneurs. Couple that with the Parisian pastime of complaining, and your have a beautiful country full of amazing sensual […]

You Auto-Complete Me


Good Night, Seine

Click here for more dreamy pictures of the Seine at night, from Prete-Moi Paris.

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