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The Plight of Peddlers

On my way home from the Eurostar in a taxi recently, we hit an unexplained traffic jam at a strange time of day. When we finally drove by, we saw that the problem had been caused by a police raid on a flower peddler near the Gare Saint-Lazare. The poor peddler must have spent a […]

A Place for Paris Pooches

After lobbying by groups such as Chiens en Ville, Paris now has a real dog park, Le Square Jacques Antoine. It’s just off the Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th. It’s open 24/7, with special gates and chain-link fencing between the wrought-iron fencing to prevent escapes. You can let your dogs off leash, but you can’t bring […]

Venezuelan Sandwich Specialties

The “other” side of Montmartre – down the hill from the prime tourist photo-op territory of the Sacre Coeur – is bubbling up as one of the coolest neighborhoods in Paris right now. The burger bar Le Ruisseau is drawing local hipsters out of the woodwork, as is the trendy mid-century modern furniture shop Maison Nordik. Those are […]

Locked in Emotion

Guest Post by Make Love Locks We are continually delighted by the unique words and images people choose to customize padlocks via our website, MakeLoveLocks. Thanks to Instagram, we are not the only ones who get to be charmed by these heartfelt messages. The metaphor of a lock with two keys has proved especially meaningful to couples […]

Shakespeare in the Park…in English!

Guest post by Arthur Ford The Tower Theatre is returning to Paris to perform in the Theatre de Verdure for the 23rd time this summer. Behind this dry statistic is an amateur theatre company that can’t believe its luck to be a part of the Jardin du Shakespeare festival in the lush surroundings of the […]

Inevitably, a Beer Fest

Flush with its new popularity, crafts and artisan beers now have their own a  festival, La Paris Beer Week (despite the Franglais title, the site is in French), taking place in brasseries, bars, and beer shops around Paris now through  June 1. There will be degustations, soirées gastronomiques, and even an amateur beer-making contest. I’m […]

Be an Argot-naut!

French instructor Sabrina Haouzi and I came up with a list of the most commonly heard argot in Paris. Learn the following, and you’re well on your way to breaking free from the constraints of your classroom French. Chiant – as in “c’est chiant”, meaning “that’s sh*tty” Un mec – a guy Une nana – […]

Tragic End of a Street Artist

Four years ago, a giant gorilla appeared on a wall opposite my kitchen window. It stayed there for at least a year before slowly disappearing behind the rising walls of a new construction. It’s still there now, perhaps one day to be uncovered by future urban archeologists. I grew quite attached to that gorilla. But […]

A Sumptuous Tea Room

Le Dôme du Marais is filled with romantic nostalgia. The entrance has a mysterious vibe, and was a divine spot to sit and enjoy the apothecary/vintage scientist type of decorative objects in the large glass window cabinet that dominates the area. I was meeting Quinn of Quinntessential Style. We ventured into the pretty tea room filled […]

The Appropriation of Joan of Arc

It is highly unfashionable these days in France to show affection or admiration for Joan of Arc because she has been taken as a symbol by the far right, both the anti-foreigner Front National, which meets at her statue every May 1st, and the bizarroïde royalists of Action Française. I still admire the real Joan, […]

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