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Plastic Not-So-Fantastic

Le Fooding is creeping northward, even reaching my neck of the woods behind Sacre Coeur. I tried out Jeanne B, one such place, and hoped for the best. Alas. My salmon in “papillote” turned out to be salmon “en plastique” though no mention of it was made on the menu. Neither did the server deem it […]

Hair Apparent

Hair. That is what is most different about the appearance of Parisians and Americans. The African women do serious weaves, often in koo-koo colors (think: weave salons near Strasbourg St. Denis metro station), while American black women go for more natural looking fake hair . Or just natural hair. As for white women, you will […]

So Out It’s Almost In

Most Paris neighborhoods have a women’s clothing shop like Rozaria, pictured here. The clothes are old-fashioned, not luxe, yet expensive. I rarely see customers in the shop, though I do see women in Paris wearing the unfashionable clothing sold in it. Rozaria’s latest windows feature dresses that are so out they are almost in (if […]

Summer Sales Primer

The July sales are such a big deal in Paris that they attract out-of-town and even out-of-country shoppers making the trip just for the occasion. Heather from My Euro Crush offers her expert advice on the monthlong event: Usually everything from the previous season is on sale during the july Soldes in Paris. In this case, the […]

I’m Thai’d Up

You never really know which of the mom-and-pop massage spas in Paris are really just massage parlors. I had been frequenting one in the 18th—next to a police station, no less—that I came to be convinced was the latter after the boss (or should I say madame?) took phone calls when she gave me a so-so […]

What Else Did You Expect?

Is there anything more French than pursed lips? Even the half-a-face mannequins modeling eyeglasses at my local pharmacy assume the snooty expression.

The Problem Explained

There’s a big train strike on in France right now. Enfin, it’s not really that big by French standards… just the biggest one in the past four years. Because in France, it’s normal for transport unions to go on strike a lot… and they prefer to go on strike on holidays or in the summer, when the largest […]

Bag Ladies

Kasia Dietz is an ex-New Yorker who moved to Paris a number of years ago and looked for ways to make it in her new hometown. Kasia has made her Paris dream come true by becoming a successful handbag and accessory designer. Her collection consists mostly of brightly colored patterned tote bags and her specialty […]

My Local

To be Parisian, you must have a local—your go-to for dining out, an aperitif before dinner, or a quick cup of coffee. And to be super duper Parisian, your local should be less than fabulous. It shouldn’t be a blazingly shiny brasserie or reupholstered retro bistro. The waitress shouldn’t be sexy. Those places are for […]

The Fete Chez Moi

I am too tired to go out for La Fete de La Musique tonight, but thankfully, it came to me. There’s a chorus outside my building singing along to piano accompaniment. All the songs are in English (why?). “Because ze weend ees ‘igh / eet blows my mind…”

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