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Mot de Passe

a little humor for our French-speaking readers, with a hat tip to Charlie Sputnik

France on Pinterest

French villages, antiques, interiors, architecture, bar ephemera, old travel posters, gardens and French florists…they all inspire me. There are more photos of French places you want to visit on Pinterest than anywhere else on the web I think. After 25 or 30 years of gleaning inspiration from France and Paris in particular and being lucky […]

The View from Here

It’s an insider secret that the rooftop of Printemps has some of the best views of Paris. The access to the roof via the escalators going up to the ninth floor is free and attached to the cafeteria. There are also benches to sit on to enjoy the view. I hadn’t been in years and […]

Migrant Crisis in Paris

Europe’s migrant crisis isn’t only happening on its southern Mediterranean coasts. In Paris, migrants have formed a sort of slum in La Chappelle, and now they, too, are being forced out–this time by the Paris administration.    

Find Your Own Paris Appartement, and Live Like a Local

Guest Post by Paris Attitude In recent years, travellers seem to have discovered that travelling doesn’t have to mean not feeling at home. Whether you’re visiting Paris for a romantic weekend or boarding a long-haul flight, it’s nice to know that when you arrive and put down your suitcases, you’ve become one of the locals. […]

Post-Work Partying

Living for the weekend? Not so for Paris professionals, when from Monday to Thursday the most popular establishments host miniature clubnights which have taken the city by storm! The “Afterworks” concept is simple: leave the office (with fun colleagues in tow) and head straight over to the club. No need to stop for dinner because […]

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