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France Outlaws OTC Codeine

Party’s over. In line with a new awareness of the widespread abuse of opiates in the Western Hemisphere, France last month instituted its own law requiring a doctor’s prescription to buy painkillers and cough suppressant medications that contain codeine. Paderyl and Prontalgine, two popular medications for symptoms such as headaches or dry coughs, will no […]

The Moment Has Passed

Three years ago I wrote this post about a shop for dowdy women’s clothing. The inevitable has recently happened: the shop closed, and something else has appeared in its place: a Franprix Nano (a mini grocery store). Instead of being sad, however, I find myself relieved that the replacement isn’t something ridiculously trendy, like a […]

Navigo vs. Decouverte

I was recharging my Navigo pass (formerly known as the Carte Orange) and was told the Navigo pass is being retired in exchange for the Decouverte card. (I am not seeing anything to this effect on the official SNCF sites, but France is still behind the times when it comes to that kind of thing). […]

Top 7 Tips for Traveling to Paris with Kids

We all know Paris for its magical atmosphere and the fact that it, more than any other city in the world, embodies in the collective imagination the stereotype of romantic destiny par excellence. Yet Paris is not just this. It is also a city that is surprisingly suitable for children. If you’re travelling to Paris […]

The Snail!

The current shape and configuration of Paris dates from 1860, when the City annexed a series of surrounding villages and established 20 arrondissements. The numbering started in the center and spiralled out from there. Previously, the city had been smaller and had had only 12 arrondissements. Why the spiral arrangement? The story goes that the […]

A Comparison Between Netflix US and Netflix UK

There is no denying the fact that the amount of movies and TV shows you get on Netflix these days, they’re good enough to keep anyone amused and entertained for a long time! Whether your purpose of subscribing to the service is to enjoy some blockbuster films, or documentary movies or simply to keep the […]

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