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Lost and Found

Here’s a diversion from stories about hurricanes and a certain anniversary happening today. The New Yorker looks into the Bureau of Found Objects. This was unknown to me. Here’s how the article starts: On the southern edge of Paris, a five-thousand-square-foot basement houses the city’s lost possessions. The Bureau of Found Objects, as it is […]

Power Unicycle

With apologies for the not-so-great quality of this photo–has anyone else noticed these power unicycles around Paris? I saw two just this past week. Are they considered hover boards? I suppose one needs to know how to use a unicycle to get started on one…curious!!

Petite Boutique of African Clothes and Accessories

Seeking some modestly priced gifts in my neighborhood, I came upon this bare-bones boutique bursting with color. It’s called Aweny, and its designer Sofia Paraiso makes traditional and modern clothing in beautiful prints and hues. For 20 euros I bought this scarf with an elastic end (which almost looks like a super-skinny pair of pants) […]

Graffiti Strikes Again

Is it me, or is there a lot more graffiti lately in Paris? Each of the steps in the Lamarck-Caulaincourt metro station are tagged–that’s a lot of steps–and, when the metro arrived, I observed two of the cars were elaborately “pieced.” Typically the cars, at least on the 12 line, are fairly pristine. Today, upon […]

Announcing the Hot New Look for Men

In a lot of the major style magazines, and at the luxury fashion houses (which lead the look with their collections and advertising), I’m seeing a lot of glorified housecoats, and garments and handbags covered in appliques. For men, a different look. Here’s a shop window (in the 6th arrondissement side street) that stopped me […]

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