3 Most Illegal Things in France

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When most of us hear the word France, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Eiffel Tower. France sees some 83.7 million visitors annually, which make it the most visited country in the world. France undoubtedly like many countries has her own share of crazy decrees and laws. Until of recent, there was legislation in France that banned women from wearing trousers unless they were riding a bike. Apparently it has been scrapped.
Are you planning to visit France? Here are three oddest and interesting rules in France that will help you keep out of trouble.
kissingWork Emails After Work There is a law in France that prevents employers from sending emails to their workers after work. If a company has more than 50 employees, they are stipulated to state at what time their workers shouldn’t send or even bother answering an email. The aim of the law is to prevent companies from exploiting their workers and that they are fairly paid for work done. It also aims at protecting private time and preventing burnout after it became apparent that some employees would still work even after leaving office.
Skinny Models If you are planning to work in the Fashion industry in France, then being excessively skinny is probably not a good idea. The legislature in France passed a bill that declared any person whose BMI below the medically accepted range is banned from being a model. isabelle caroTo spice things up for the defiant agencies, the government declared that any agency caught using models with a Basal Metabolic Indicator of below 18 would be jailed for six months and a fine of $82,000. This came after French model Isabelle Caro succumbed to anorexia at only 28 years.
Kissing Whilst the Train Is on the Platform
Planning on remaking the passionate platform scene between Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson in the movie Brief Encounter? Not a good idea. In many subway stations, you will be met with no kissing signs as it’s only allowed in designated areas. All this started after concerns that these passionate embraces caused extreme commuter delays.
Conclusion: Much as crazy they may sound, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get in trouble for breaking them. So visit France and enjoy the city of light and love, and familiarize yourself with the penal codes to avoid getting in trouble.

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