A Hot Spot Goes an Extra Mile

When I called up the restaurant Spring and asked if they could accommodate someone with a dairy allergy, and they said “oui,” I squeaked with joy. I NEVER would have EVER thought that such a posh restaurant would be willing to modify their whole menu just so I could eat there.

We arrived at Spring for our lucky reservation (someone had canceled), at the address on a tiny old street in the 1st arrondissement. We rang the bell for entry. It felt like we were being invited almost into someone’s home. We caught a glimpse of the chef, Daniel Rose, heading back to the kitchen. We didn’t think to ask for a photo with him then, plus he was busy, but we regretted it later when he left before we remembered to do so. Nonetheless we were about to “meet” him via his cuisine.

We were sat at a little table in the back of the sous-sol, next to the coat rack, (the last spot to be had) but we didn’t care, our entire focus was on what we were about to taste, and the giddy feeling of living dangerously (aka : spending way too much on a dinner). We took our daring to the max and asked for the “pairing” of wine with the meal: wines selected to compliment perfectly the flavors of each course. So for each course we would have a new glass of wine to enhance the dish.

The meal began with an aperitif of champagne served chilled with a small “mise en bouche” of razor clams seasoned with cayenne pepper and butter (so sadly I didn’t ge that dish, I had a marinated radish dish instead. There was also a celery purée garnished with a slice of pear, and a slice of compté cheese (again which was omitted on mine). A basket of buckwheat bread was placed on the table. We tried our best to make the little mise en bouche last long enough for the champagne flute to empty some.


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