A Lovable Cliche


floreI hardly dare write about this place. Is it just a (very expensive and effective) tourist trap or is it still the real deal? Like all landmark cafés, its present day worth is hotly disputed. The famous literary hangout with trees on the roof is still a place of pilgrimage for tourists wanting to catch a whiff of old-school Saint Germain but it’s also a stopoff for mysteriously beautiful Parisians of both genders and a certain age wearing black trousersuits and shades. Are they highly successful editors, designers, movie producers? flore2They sure as hell aren’t writers (unless the editor’s paying) but there’s certainly an air of (moneyed) intellectual glamour wafting about the place.

Flore gets a better class of tourists (though perhaps a less interesting class of writers) as it is undoubtedly priced above all but the rich or visitors who are really, really keen on Simone de Beauvoir . Still, it’s worth stopping here once in your life for their home-made hot chocolate (made à l’ancienne with cream, milk and real melted chocolate) served in a silver jug (9 Euros).


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