A Modern Movie Club

Some people never go to the cinema anymore because they watch all of their movies at home. But the Popcorn Project is a totally new experience worth checking out. This cinema social club organizes regular screenings of popular, classic and cult films in a private cinema venue with an aperitif beforehand and a buffet, cocktail and DJ afterwards. Think of it as a private party with a movie screening in the middle. And that doesn’t mean high-brow, “complicated” art films with snooty intellectual types. The Popcorn Project is about fun, and the predominantly under-40 crowd that votes on the movies each month aren’t trying to be pretentious. For example, when the organizers asked for suggestions for this week’s film on the theme of “Femme Fatale”, Who Killed Roger Rabbit? was among the films suggested (Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe won in the end). They are almost always American films and in VO with French subtitles.


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