A Monthly Beauty Surprise

A concept called Birchbox, started in the US by two Harvard students, has now been adopted by a French company under the name of Joliebox.

Le principe est simple : each month, they send you a cute little box containing 5-6 beauty products. Sometimes they’re new products that have just been released and other times they’re old favorites (Burts Bees chapstick ou L’Occitane hand cream).

The sizes vary, but are usually bigger than sample sizes; more like travel size cosmetics. They also sometimes give whole sizes. Last month I got a gigantic tube of cocoa butter lotion and this month I got several full-size products, including a foundation, a shower gel and a red nail polish. You can set your preferences for certain things – for example, perfumes often make me sneeze, so I checked that I would rather have facial products instead of perfumes.

Mostly though I just enjoy the fun of being able to try out so many new beauty products, especially since make-up is usually so costly in France. Which reminds me, I didn’t mention the price – it’s 10€ a month including shipping. They have one month, three month, six month or year-long subscriptions.


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  1. Meg
    Comment by Meg | 02/17/12 at 2:45 pm

    I follow a blogger who subscribes to monthly sample boxes. She lives in London, btw. She says it’s a hit or miss as some products included in the sample box are something she doesn’t have use for or lack variety. But I think monthly surprises like this is lovely!

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