A Neighbor’s Tip

Here’s a favorite anecdote that illustrates about how deep food connoiseursip is in the average Parisian.

My neighbor pulled me aside and told me, somewhat gravely, that he had seen me entering and exiting a place he didn’t approve of. “Ecoutes,” he said, “You cannot buy bread from that boulagerie. Yes, it’s the closest one from our building. But you have to walk two blocks further to the other one. It’s far better.” This man is not what Americans would call a foodie. He works at a printing shop and grew up in Saint Denis, a rather rough working class neighborhood. But he’s French, so I told him, “Sure.” I added, “I suppose I should buy my pastries there, too.” He look completely perplexed and answered, “I have no idea.”

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  1. Comment by Carlos Mal | 10/30/12 at 10:00 pm

    I’m Mexican and I’ve been In Paris for only two years; nevertheless, I can totally see myself giving the same advice. Paris does that to you.

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