A New Wave Cave

When a 50-something friend told me she had discovered an amazing nightlife venue in Paris, I knew it had to be great. My own trips to Social Montmartre and other clubs have proved off-putting, but this place, according to my friend, was the sort of all-ages, anything-goes happening that only seems to take place in movies. She couldn’t remember the name, but her description led me to realize it was Caves Le Chapelais, a Right Bank boite described on NileGuide thusly:

The gothic scene of Paris has a marvelous hideout just a short walk from the Place de Clichy: the Caves Le Chapelais is a night club and concert venue situated in a huge underground cavern split into two parts, forming a reception hall and a dance floor. The walls are built of unfinished stone, and the music is dark electronic, industrial, and new wave. Unusual and atypical events are often held in this unique space.

If you have been to an event here, let me know your thoughts. I’m particularly interested in the art events that happen from time to time.

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  1. Comment by Shirley | 06/28/13 at 7:27 am

    I think if someone can’t remember the name but fully describe the place, it’s an indication that it’s a great place to be in. I’ve just been in Pigalle (hehe trying to be cool).. I want to try this cave, really seems a pretty cool place.

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