A Place in the Sun

jdlAfter such a wet and cloudy spring, what Parisian *wouldn’t* want an app telling you exactly where to find the sunny terraces around town? I actually saw a sticker for the Sunny Chairs Paris app on a traffic light pole this morning while walking the dogs and downloaded it immediately. You can search by arrondissement, by name, or what’s within 500m of your location by categories like “Bon Burgers”, “Bar du Quartier” “Rooftop” and “Bar à Vin”. The info includes address, hours, number of chairs in the sun, and what time it gets sunshine. The selections seem rather random, it’s only in French, and the info isn’t perfect (“Starbuck” (sic) is listed alongside the correctly spelled “Starbucks” and some locations are listed twice), but it’s free and seems like a useful tool when you get an immediately craving for a sunny sidewalk café. Also available for iPhone.


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