A Queen’s Enduring Appeal

marie antoinette enduring appealMarie-Antoinette is the most controversial woman in French history. She had a complex personality. She was a multi-faceted woman; frivolous, a big spender and sentimental, but also a modern woman who wanted to preserve her intimacy and her freedom. Marie-Antoinette was only 15 years old when she arrived from Vienna to Versailles to marry Louis, who would be the future Louis XVI.

Three thousand courtesans were living in the Castle of Versailles, the most rigid and cruel court of Europe. Marie-Antoinette was just 19 years old when she became the Queen of France. She’s quickly disappointed by a boring husband whose only passion is collecting locks. Louis XVI is shy and clumsy. It takes seven years for the two of them to create an heir. Marie laid in wait, and remained a virgin for those seven years. All that time she had to bear the humiliation of Versailles and all of France. The courtesans of Versailles made fun of her and her impotent
husband who was not able to give a future king to the French kingdom.

Then there were the awful rumors. People whispered that Marie-Antoinette might be a lesbian and that among her many lovers there was her best friend the beautifu Contesse de Polignac, at the time extremely scandalous.


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