A Real-Life Candyland

Le Bonbon au Palais is a magical land of confections, candies, and chocolates placed in a small shop in the Latin Quarter.

The owner Georges (I couldn’t find out his last name, maybe he’s so famous now he needs only one name like Cher or Madonna), has a perpetual smile on his face and when I visited the shop last month he was in the midst of his busy holiday season, scurrying around the shop filling various receptacles with his sweets. Georges scours the many regions France to find the best of the best mostly handmade candies, confections, and chocolates.

His pride and joy is the vast selection of guimaves (colored, flavored marshmallows) from Montpellier and Montelimar. The pastel colored chewy goodies line the window display in tall glass apothecary jars. He took half a guimave and stuffed in my mouth and although it was a little too sweet I enjoyed it.

I browsed the rest of the shop, taking a sweet tour of France with bright green marzipan filled with chocolate from Lyon, delicate Bergamot flavored candies from Nancy, frous frous from Rouen, lollipops/sucettes from Quiberon in Brittany, caramels from Isigny in Normandy, and red and white currant jam from Lorraine. Le Teton de la Reine Margot (the tit of Queen Margot, I kid you not) from the Pyrennes, is a sphere of white chocolate a “nipple” on it, filled with milk chocolate, apricot, grapes flavored with Grand Marnier.


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